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Research On The Integration And Governance Mechanism Of Contractual And Relational Governance In Public Project

Posted on:2014-06-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1109330422468173Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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In the context of government’s increasing public project investment continually,the improvement of project management performance has been closely concerned.The research on public project management theory shows that the improvement ofproject management standard can improve project management performance.However, in the domestic project practice, there is a phenomenon that contrary to therelationship between level of project governance and project managementperformance. The reason is that the research on public project management emphasizeformal contract’s unsubstitutability on solving the uncertainty and agency problem,and ignore the performance function of relational contract, so the managementstandard in the incomplete frame of governance is not real standard and is lack ofexplanatory power. Based on this, it is of great significance that building completepublic project governance frame and discussing different governance mechanism ofgovernance mechanism for improving public project management performance anddevelopment public project governance theory.This dissertation firstly take in the relational governance mechanism fromsociety theory and relational contract theory, then build public projecttwo-dimensional governance frame on the basis of formal contract governance andinformal relational governance. In view of the lack of public projects relationalgovernance research, this dissertation carries exploratory research on contentstructural system of public project relational governance mechanism under Chinesecultural background by grounded theory methodology. The result shows that publicproject relational governance mechanism includes trust, commitment, communication,cooperation and industry practice. For contract governance mechanism, in theconsideration of correlations between various mechanism from theoretical analysis,optimize contract governance mechanism from original study by empirical analysis,obtain4d content structure including risk sharing mechanism based on projectownership allocation, reward mechanism based on risk sharing, choice mechanismbased on reputation and accountability mechanism based on evaluation of projectmanagement performance. The theory concept model and corresponding research hypothesis about contractgovernance mechanism and relational governance mechanism are offerd, based onclearing public project contract mechanism and relational governance contentstructure system to explore governance mechanism of difference governancemechanism in the frame of public project2d governance. After the empirical analysis,the complementarity role between the contractual governance mechanisms andrelational governance mechanisms is demonstrated. Specifically, relationalgovernance mechanisms not only direct role in the project governance performance,but also through contractual governance mechanisms indirect effects and the indirecteffect is stronger; contractual governance mechanisms act directly on the performanceof project governance. In addition, first proposed the concept of project governanceperformance, project governance performance is associated with the good governanceof the project is the direct output of the project governance, which in turn acts on theperformance of project management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Project, Contractual Governance, Relational Governance, Project Governance Performance, Project Management Performance
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