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Study On Financial Supply Chain Risk Management

Posted on:2013-03-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330467975926Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the acceleration of global economic integration and the rapid development of the information technology network, market competition tends to be network competition in the global knowledge economy nowadays that the competition between individual organizations transforms into the competition within the whole supply chain. Consequently, the supply chain and its members are to face more and more risks in such environment. The end of the twentieth century, especially, high transport costs, long time-consuming has been existing in international outsourcing enterprises. Since the sharp increase of external cost, the outsourcing benefits are counteracted by the potential risk of capital flow as to some chain members. Thus, each members began to focus on the financial supply chain management (FSCM) The practice of physical supply chain is under uncertainty. Moreover, the cash flow accompanied with the physical supply chain is also facing the uncertainty of the use of funds and. income which is strongly required to strengthen the financial management of the supply chain for its sub-companies. In response to the general problems in the physical supply chain, financial supply chain management can optimize the method of financial payment, simplify financial flow, and improve the funds planning and support funds, to promote the efficiency of the whole supply chain. Therefore, supply chain management of node enterprises focus the financial supply chain instead of the physical supply chain. Enhancing the management and control of on the risk of financial supply chain plays a vital role in developing the whole efficiency of the supply chain.In recent years, the research of the risk of supply chain operations at home and abroad has been continued to strengthen, many scholars have put forward the optimization model in line with the rule of supply chain operations. However, as the limitation on the literature of the rule in supply chain funds operations, supply chain node enterprises has paid less attention as well on supply chain capital planning and risk control work. Hence, research on the financial supply chain risk management is very crucial for enhancing the operational efficiency related to the whole supply chain funds, for strengthening the soundness of the capital flow of the supply chain operation, and enhancing the competitiveness of the supply chain of a company. The paper combines the theoretical research and empirical research, as well as the qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to study on the management and control of on the risk of financial supply chain from relevant definitions, risk identification analysis, model building and empirical test. The main research works are demonstrated as follow:1.Researching on supply chain risk based on the view point of finance Most of the existing research literatures concentrate on the overall risk of the supply chain in which researches on risk of supply chain funds almost rely on the perspective of financial institutions utilizing financial instruments to manage and control risk. In this study, the financial supply chain is distinguished from the physical supply chain further, combined with the characteristics of the supply chain operations, and also this study intends to study the risk identification and control process.2.Building up financial supply chain risk identification index systemThe paper sets up the financial supply chain risk identification system experimentally by learning the prior methods of supply chain risk identification, combining of literature review and interviews with experts. And then, it identifies the critical factors impacted on the financial supply chain by using the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process. Internal financing and external finance risk control. Dependent on identifying the key risk impact factors, the dissertation studies the control of internal and external financing risk respectively.3.Studying the outside financial risk control towards financial supply chain by input-output model (IIM)This research applies the input-output model for assessing the external financial risk as for financial supply chain and following measuring risk by calculating the financial relationships among the nodes enterprises of the supply chain. The writer also conducts empirical research on the surveyed enterprise data.4.Empirical analysis on early warning index of the supply chain financing riskThe paper establishes a supply chain financing risk assessment index system based on the overall supply chain perspective, and collects realistic data of from27supply chains financing through research and questionnaire method. Meanwhile, it constructs a BP neural network model to assess the risk of supply chain financing, and designs a series of lights warning mechanisms for the risk of supply chain financing according to the results of the model.The innovation of this study is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:1. Analyse and verify the impact factors of supply chain financial risk based on empirical research.In this study, from the financial perspective, the study brings the financial supply chain risk management in financial supply chain risk management, then building up a financial supply chain risk identification index system. Furthermore, it suggests that evaluates financial supply chain risk by relevant financial relationships between supply chain node enterprises.2. Proposed to use the financial supply chain integration thinking to control the financing risk models in the financial supply chain.Based on the financial perspective, the paper suggests introducing the financial planning to the physical supply chain, which is "optimize model of the financial supply chain integration". Combined surveyed enterprises’data, it verifies that the model results can eventually enhance the owner’s equity, reduce receivables and liabilities, and then control the financial supply chain risk from the beginning.3.Setting up a supply chain financing risk assessment index system from the overall supply chain perspective.The writer builds up an assessment index system of supply chain financing risk according to the overall supply chain perspective by empirical approach, and collects realistic data from27financing supply chains via research and questionnaire forms. It also constructs a BP neural network model to assess the risk of supply chain financing, and designs semaphores warning mechanisms for the risk of supply chain financing according to the results of the model.The study will play a certain role in promoting the FSC management and control further development, and also play a significant role in managing the funds risk of supply chain and building the capital risk management system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Supply Chain Risk Management, Budget Optimization Modelfor Financial Supply Chain, Input-Output Model (ⅡM), BP NeuralNetwork Model, Semaphores Warning Mechanism
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