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Study On Herding Effect Of Working Mechanism In E-Commerce Operations

Posted on:2016-09-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330482457827Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent yeas,under the factors of government guidance, capital inflows, and constantly optimizing the user experience, the development of e-commerce has entered the growth phase of the outbreak, but the herding effect phenomenon of ensuing blindly follow the trend is also gradually.In essence, herding effect is a natural social phenomenon, just like "two sides of a coin", that can bring positive development for the event, may also appear a devastating blow, so study on the uncertainty and risk of herding effect is necessary for this topic research; Herding effect easily lead to the "Matthew Effect" appears, which widespread exists in all areas of social, economic, political, financial, and so on. By means of the herding effect, trying to play an active role in the "Matthew Effect", eliminating and reducing the negative impact, is the main driving force for social it is imperative for this topic research; On the other hand, along with social transformation and frequently occurring group events, research on herding effect can learn to use to monitor the group events, public opinion, so spreading social positive energy is reality for this topic research.This paper firstly analyzes the main mathematical characteristics of Herding effect, defining whether there exists herding phenomenon in e-commerce operations. Then the paper divided the working mechanism of herding effect in e-commerce operations, into three aspects of the dynamic mechanism, the process mechanism and monitoring mechanism. Dynamic mechanism is analyzed from the horizontal dimension, the process mechanism is analyzed from a longitudinal dimension; Monitoring mechanisms include different application scenarios based on game theory, the identification of "Leader Sheep" of Herding effect based on FLORD algorithm,the evaluation based on the matrix theory. The "dynamic mechanism" is the reason for herding effect, the "process mechanism" is generated by the process of herding effect, both needing to "monitoring mechanism" into which to produce an effect. On the main features study of herding effect in E-commerce operations, Using the characteristics and indicators of mathematical statistics, adopting the data of an e-commerce site to assess the results of the best businesses, this paper attempts to quantitative analyze and define the herding phenomenon in the e-commerce business operations. Where consistency and homogeneous continuity features showing the members characteristics to participate in herding, non-Poisson distribution and sudden increase features showing the formation process of herding.On the dynamic mechanism study of herding effect in E-commerce operations, in case of, E-commerce operational complex network was being separated, simplified. Using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) theory, the paper analyzed the major motivating factors of Promoting the rapid growth of e-commerce. Research shows that the main driving force can be divided into two major external and internal factors. The external factors which include hardware network, soft-shaped network, business network, members of the network, browsing network, and internal factors are divided into functional modules element, encouraging members element, encouraging business element, its own members element, its own merchants element, Which jointly building and form of Herding effect. Under the open nature of the Internet, each consumer has their own judgments information, but also to observe other people’s behavior decision-making information. Referring to Banerjee the choice of assets herd model, the paper build decision model based on dual signal on consumer herd behavior of individuals; For consumer groups, under the controls of the two major external and internal factors, the herding effect model is proposed based on Bayesian theory.On the process mechanism study of herding effect in E-commerce operations, using process management theory, according to the herding effect generation curve, this paper divided the process mechanism into four main longitudinal time span:latent period, development period, the outbreak period, stable period. By measuring the settings of related index for each period, the paper sorted and analyzed the process of herd effect.And analyzed the importance of the formation of the various stages of herding effect for the various drivers of external and internal factors.On the monitoring mechanism study of herding effect in E-commerce operations, first build the different application scenarios based on game theory, the results indicate that the formation of herding effect phenomenon requires certain preconditions. This paper lists between users, between businesses, between users and businesses seven kinds of game situations in three market players. The different game model can be used in different situations. Secondly, With the emergency of herding effect on the Internet, searching for and identifying "leader sheep" have become very urgent. Through being simplified and defined in this paper, FLOYD algorithm applied to the identification of "leader sheep" in the herd effect, which turning the switching-point of the whole network as "leader sheep" (opinion leader) candidate, the service center network as a secondary candidate,so as to provide some basis and reference for herd management and control.Thirdly, Matrix theory as one of the basic mathematical theories, plays an important role in various areas of research. And evaluation of management is an important part of the daily operation and management. Using matrix theory can effectively build out the more common and universal evaluation management model in the production and business operation.At the end of this paper, The system generate process of herding effect are overviewed and summarized. Referring to relevant previous research, this paper put forward the other related suggestion measures.
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