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Study On Evaluation Of Crop Insurance Subsidy Policies And Its Impact On The Subject Behavior Of Suppliers And Demanders

Posted on:2017-03-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330485453267Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Since agriculture is a weak industry, it’s high-risk nature causes agricultural development facing with huge potential safety hazard. Therefore, the development of agricultural insurance is an necessary selection to carry out of agricultural infrastructure and modernization strategy. Since 2004, the state has promulgated a series of policies and measures to stabilize agricultural production aim at improving farmers’ enthusiasm and ability for agricultural production at risk environment. After decades of tests, agricultural insurance now finds the right pattern and path of development, which gives priority to policy-related insurance and takes commercial insurance as an auxiliary. In 2007, the beginning of central financial support as a starti ng point, China opened a new era of agricultural insurance. In particular, the State Council issued "Opinions on accelerating the development of modern insurance services" in 2014, which put forward a series of opinions and policies to about agricultural insurance, making the agricultural insurance industry receiving unprecedented favorable policies.With the flourishing development trend, Chinese agricultural insurance has been pioneering the world’s second largest market. However, with the further develo pment of agricultural insurance, a number of problems in the implementation of the financial subsidy policy of agricultural insurance were exposed. How is the effect of crop insurance subsidies policies? How is the impact on the behavior of farmers and insurance companies? How to improve the subsidy policies? These problems are concerned both by government and industry. Facing with these realities, this study puts existing crop insurance subsidy policies as research objects, bases on concepts of crop insurance subsidy policies and theories of risk insurability and behavioral economics,using field research, analysis of typical cases, the AHP and regression analysis method to evaluate the effects of crop insurance subsidy policies, analyzing the impacts of s ubsidy policies on farmers’ and companies’ behaviors, expounding the existing issues on crop insurance subsidy policies and putting forward specific workable suggestions in order to enhance the intensity of supports and benefits of agricultural insurance to achieve sustainable development of crop insurance industry. The main research contents are as follows:The evaluation of crop insurance subsidy policies.Through the establishment of effect-evaluation index system of crop insurance subsidy, from the perspective of subject of crop insurance subsidy, this research establish the system through four level s used Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)to establish the weight of each index,then based on statistical data of Heilongjiang provincial departments and official website and field survey data to evaluate the subsidies effect.Analysis of the behaviors of farmers effected by crop insurance subsidy policies. Firstly, based on the basic situation, then use the logistic regression model to analyze insurance premium subsidies impacting on farmers’ intention. Secondly, this research has the insured farmers a s the analysis objects,empirical research on the farmer’ satisfaction for premium subsidy policies is carried out, and the impact of premium subsidies for farmers planting decisions. Thirdly, to elaborate farmers’ adverse selection and moral hazard problems in crop insurance under the conditions of premium subsidies.Analysis of the behaviors of insurance companies effected by crop insurance subsidy policies. Firstly, research the numbers of the insurance company that operating crop insurance from the subsidy policies perspective. Secondly,research the effects of crop insurance subsidy policies on insurance companies’ management action from the perspectives of insurance companies’ business scope, business choice and business stability. Thirdly, research the effects of crop insurance subsidy policies on insurance companies’ service action from the perspectives of insurance companies’ product type, loss prevention and settlement service response service. At last, research the new type of moral hazard and "Rent-seeking" behaviors under crop insurance subsidy policies though typical cases to illustrate the effect that insurance companies faced.Propose some countermeasures and well-directed suggestions regarding the crop insurance subsidy policies. Agricultural insurance is in the face of unprecedented industry significant positive, in view of the problems existing in the agricultural insurance subsidy policies, puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions of operation, reasonable increase the amount of insurance coverage and the expansion of insurance, establish the catastrophe risk diversification and agricultural reinsurance mechanism, strengthen the support of insurance product innovation, strengthen cooperation with other policies for supporting agriculture, Reduce the finance burden of supporting agricultural in county, improve the government-leading supervision system. Then boost the rapid development of China’s agricultural insurance subsidy policies.The main innovation of this paper is to establish the index sys tem for the evaluation of the effect of crop insurance subsidy policies, so the implementation of subsidy policies can be more scientific evaluated; the second innovation is to quantify the effect of the implementation of crop insurance subsidy policies, using the data of Heilongjiang Province, then evaluate the implementation of crop insurance subsidy policies effect through empirical analysis, and emphasizes the implementation effect between the variables in the mutual and causalities relationships, some more incontrovertible information is provides based on the quantitative results which put forward some preventive and operational policies recommendations; the third innovation is to use logistic method to analyze the influence of crop insurance subsidy po licies on the willingness of farmers insurance desire, analyze the subsidy policies on farmers planting decision-making behaviors, makes the subsidy policies influence on farmer’s behavior more clearly and intuitively; the fourth innovation is to take the insurance companies as the research object, rich the study on the behavior of insurance companies, the overall framework is more reasonable, the research content is more comprehensive.
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