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Study On The Resources Constraints Effect

Posted on:2011-01-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109360302993000Subject:Resource industries economy
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In recent years, as the strategy of developing the western regions deeply pushed forward, the exploration and development of mineral resources in northwestern China has been constantly expanded, which not only provides solid resource security to economic development in accelerating process of industrialization, but also greatly upgrades the status of mineral resources in that region to be prominent in the strategy of the national resource security. But, actually, the advantage of abundant mineral resources in northwestern China has not been fundamentally converted into regional comparative industries and its promotion function to the whole region especially its sustainable promotion is still limited; at the same time, environmental problems due to the irrational exploitation has been more and more severe. Based on the theories of economic growth and the resources economics, this thesis analyzed the current situation of national mining industry, with a focus on the northwestern region according to a large number of relevant statistical data and empirical cases, and systematically illustrated two specific embodiments of resources constraint effect to economic growth in the process of industrialization, namely, "insufficient supply constraint effect", which caused by the shortage of mineral resources supply and "over dependent constraint effect", which caused by the over-reliance on primary mining industry which takes mineral resources as main materials. Combined with the current situation of the mining industry in northwestern china, and the causes of regional "over dependent constraint effect" analyzed in this study, this thesis presented some helpful suggestions on countermeasures. The main contents and basic opinion of this study include:Firstly, verifying the possibility of existence of "over dependent constraint effect" in China especially in northwestern China. This thesis demonstrates that on the occasion of fast progress of industrialization, the "insufficient supply constraint effect" on national level and "over dependent constraint effect" on northwest regional level are likely to occur at the same time. Therefore, to effectively solve the problem of "insufficient supply constraint effect" on national level needs to vigorously advancing the development of mining industry in northwestern China; at the same time, to effectively solve the problem of "over dependent constraint effect" in northwestern region needs to vigorously advancing the innovations of regional mining development mode.Secondly, analyzing the main causes of "over dependent constraint effect" in northwestern China. Based on the "capital-technology-environment" analytical framework constructed in this thesis, this study analyzes the "over dependent constraint effect" of mining development in northwest region, and demonstrates that the exploitation of mineral resources can promote regional economic growth in the short term indeed, but difficult to provide sustainable promotion in the long-run due to the existing mining development mode. The main reasons are:the formation of capital accumulation effect is difficult, which mainly shows on problems as solely relying on mineral development, irrationality of current distribution mechanism of resources income, serious "crowding out effect" of mining industry, limited performance on enriching people, and so on; the technology-driven effect is limited, which mainly exists in problems as relative obturation of mining industry itself, insufficient innovation motive of mining enterprises, serious brain drain, and so on; the ecological environment damage is significant, which mainly caused by insufficient capital investment, inadequate incentive mechanism, lace of compensation mechanisms, and so on. Above problems constitute the key constraints of current development of mining industry in northwestern China. Therefore, accelerating the transformation of mining development mode of northwestern China is particularly critical.Thirdly, putting forward the "four in one" mode of mining development in northwestern China. This thesis proposes a new mining development mode constructed under the pattern of government leading, which includes following main contents:reform of economic compensation by central government, extension of mining industrial chain by local governments, promotion of mining industry technology by state-owned enterprises, development of service industry by private enterprises. The main task of the central government is to reform and improve the economic compensation mode of mining development in northwestern China, try to put ecological compensation, livelihood compensation into mining development compensation, consequently to provide funding support for mining development in western China. The main task of local governments is to radically change the current situation of extractive industry-based mining development mode by extending mining industrial chain, vigorously develop the extending and supporting industries of primary mining industry to make the joint development of secondary and tertiary industry driven by extractive industry, and lay the foundation of optimizing the industrial structure and reducing mining pollution. The primary task of state-owned enterprises is to upgrade mining technology, effectively break through restricts of "spillover" obturation of mining enterprises to upgrade regional human capital and technology level. The primary task of private enterprises is to provide extending and supporting technology services and intermediary services related to mining development, enhance the absorb of labor force in northwestern China, increase the income of local residents, consequently to effectively break through the constraints of the shortage of private capital accumulation and achieve regional economic and social development.
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