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National Building In Mega-events

Posted on:2012-09-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330368975817Subject:International relations
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National image is related to the national legitimacy construction. Emphasizing the subjective standard of value judgments, national image is the"shape"and"likeness"unity. National image depends essentially on the country's comprehensive national strength, but not exactly the same as the actual situation of the country. It can be shaped to some extent. Through selectively transferring information and consciously guiding public opinion, we can change the national image of the negative cognitive factors such as negative stereotypes or stereotype of agenda setting. China's national image of the international community not only reflects the different understanding of the differences of national interests, ideological fracture, reflecting the rapid rise will impact the existing pattern of international concern, but the image building of China's own mistakes and the misreading of international society is related.With the rise of global civil society, exploiting the mega- events of the agenda building function, the use of media communication to enhance the country's international reputation and shape the national image has been considered as a new strategy from the perspective of public diplomacy. This dissertation attempts to explore the important relationship among mega-events, national image and public diplomacy. Key issues of this dissertation is to research whether a mega-event will help create a good national image and to obtain a favorable international recognition based on public diplomacy, According to theory of public diplomacy, this research propose five independent variables of analytical assumptions probability that may affect mega-events in shaping the national image and construct a national image building model-TAGMP, including the Topic Building, Activity Launching, Government Role, Media Communication and public participation. In order to test the above basic variables of the hypothesis, the dissertation selects three mega-events occurred in recent years to analyze cases of in-depth, including the Shanghai World Expo, 2011British"royal wedding"and the 2010 copper mine in Chile in San Jose. Each case will be constructed from the Topic Building, Activity Launching, Government Role, Media Communication and public participation levels compared.Building the 21st century china's national image is an important issue. This dissertation attempts to develop a mega-events shaping the national image of the TAGMP model from public diplomacy perspective, actively explores how to conduct discourse construction, value propositions and behavior recognition in mega-events to create a good national image, which is of great practical significance and reference value for the implementation of China's harmonious diplomatic philosophy and building a peaceful development of the national image.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mega-events, National Image, Public Diplomacy, Agenda Building
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