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The Economics Review/System Of Venture Capital,Principle And Research On Application In China

Posted on:2003-01-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The purpose of my thesis is to provide a rational and hierarchical economics interpretation on the principle of venture capital and its application in China. The reason why this subject is chosen is based on the thought of the following two points: (1) Venture capital, in China, is a pure 搃mported goods? Before it becomes quite clear as to what and why it is, we shouldn抰 be in such haste as to design the implementation of plan and policy for venture capital in our country; otherwise, we will unavoidably be trapped in some false understanding. While, the careful study on the principle of venture capital, will surely pave the way for its smooth application in China; (2) venture capital is closely connected with the new economy as well as the new characteristics of the economic globalization. China is now still in the course of industrialization and the general adoption of the market principle; the restrictive factors in development and shifting stage makes the repellency fond during the course of admission of innovative mechanism of venture capital outdo the compatibility. In this sense, on the foundation of the research on the principle of venture capital, the research on the effective principle of its application in China is also necessary. If the preface is left alone, it can be said that my dissertation is divided into four parts. The procedure is as follows: the microscopic view of venture capital and the conclusion on the level of phenomenon? macroscopic view of venture capital and the conclusion on the level of theory 梸 analysis on economics principle and reasoning over economic activity and economic relationship in the field of venture capital梤estrictive factors and possibility of the application of the principle of venWre capital in China. The foregoing four parts will be discussed and explained correspondingly in chapter 1 'hapter 2 to chapter 3棐~chapter 4to 5'hapter 6 to 7, and there will be altogether 33 sections and 44 diagrams in my paper. 2 Abstract The first part paves the way to the development of the central idea of my thesis; the purpose is that, before the theoretical discussion is started, a general profile of venture capital, the 搃mported goods? should be sketched, as the object through the whole article to be analyzed. During the selection of this framework, I learn from the successful examples of two scholars and take them as references for my thesis, one is 揟enant Theory?(please refer to appendix 1) by Mr. Zhang Wuchang, and the other one is 搕he Historical Test on the Affect of Industrialization by Agriculture? it is a dissertation done by Mr. Teng Weizao, who took Britain and the Content as the subject matter (please refer to appendix 2); they all began their thesis with the phenomenal deduction. I hope, through 搕he First Chapter / Induction of Arrangement of Ideas on the Phenomenon of Venture Capital? my thesis will clarify the venture capital, the 搃mported goods? from its vague state to an analyzable object with the arrangement of ideas on the phenomenon, the theory it follows is the dialectical materialist theory of knowledge, synthetic method and induction. The general principle of theoretical economics and finance is not only applied in this chapter, it also builds up the foundation for the development of the entire thesis; relevant analysis in the article will also make use of it. There are 5 sections in chapter 1. As the first part of the first chapter, section...
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