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A Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of China's National Economic Security During The Process Of Economic Globalization

Posted on:2003-01-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W T XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065456188Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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During the process of economic globalization, the problem of national economic security is cared by more and more people, and is one of the focal problems today .This thesis ,by comprehensively using theories of science of international relationship of politics and economics international finance international trade international investment and knowledge-based economics ,information economics and so on ,by closely connecting together foreign and domestic practices ,studies the problem and its countermeasures of national economic security deeply and systematically .This thesis is divided into two parts, the main content as follows:In the first part .which includes chapter 1 and chapter 2, the basic theories of national economic security is studied and the factors which influenced the national economic security are analyzed. In the second part ,which includes from chapter 3 to chapter 9, The interrelationship of industrial structure, industry competitive ability and national economic security are analyzed, the basic meaning and evaluation criteria of rationalization and enhancement of industrial structure is inquired into, the industrial structure of developed countries and developing countries are compared, and the problem of countryside ,peasant and agriculture are discussed and the relevant countermeasures on safeguarding national industry security and on solving the problem of countryside ,peasant and agriculture are put forward. In chapter 4, national economic security from the point of view of economic moving mechanism is studied, and relevant countermeasures are presented. In further , the interrelationship of utilizing foreign capital and national economic security is studied, and the problem of our China's foreign capital scale is discussed, and the positive and negative influences of multinationals' entrance into China is inquired into, and countermeasures of using foreign capital reasonably to safeguard our national economic security is put forward .In chapter 6, the problems of finance globalization and national economic security are studied, and the environment which our China's finance security faced is expounded, and countermeasures to safeguard finance security by restraining financial crises is put forward, in the end , the opening to the foreign countries of security market and the issue of Renminbi's free exchange is discussed. In chapter 7, the conception of information security and its technological support is Expounded, the relationship between economic globalization and information globalization is discussed, the present condition and problem of China's information industry is analyzed, and the strategic countermeasures on safeguarding information security is put forward. Furthermore, the three embodies of science and technology are the first productive force are analyzed, and the internationalization trend of R&D cooperation ,and several problems of knowledge management is expounded and discussed ,in the end, the strategic management method of knowledge of our China's enterprises is put forward. In the end of the thesis, the problem of ecological environment deterioration is studied, the contradictions of population and resources and the reason of frequent disasters are discussed, and the countermeasures for easing ecological crises and safeguarding the base of national economic security are put forward.
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