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Research Manager Of The Stock Option System Efficiency

Posted on:2003-10-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B H LanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065462044Subject:Business management
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The efficiency of Executive Stock option (ESO) is the core of research of ESO. The purpose of this article is to: (l)set a standard of efficiency of ESO; (2) explore the sources of efficiency of ESO; (3) construct a integrative analysis-mode of ESO; (4) compare the factors affecting the efficiency of ESO; (5) bring forward the policy advice to improve the efficiency of ESO from the standpoint of government; (6) bring forward some threads to design the project of ESO from the standpoint of enterprise.The main content of this article is divided into six chapters.Chapter 1 is "introduction". This chapter introduces the significance and object, scope and main content, theoretical basis and research method, main viewpoints and innovation of this article briefly.Chapter 2 is "the efficiency of ESO". Section 1 introduces the concept, content, form and development of ESO, Section 2 summarizes the characteristic of practice of ESO in china, Section 3 brings forward the question of efficiency of ESO specially, Section 4 is the review of formal research.Chapter 3 is "the integrative analysis of efficiency of ESO". Section 1 studies the standard of efficiency of ESO, and we bring forward the standards of efficiency of ESO from the angle of economics and management respectively. Section 2 searches the sources of efficiency of ESO, including stimulant effect, detainment effect, filtering effect, venture-preference-enhancement effect and cost effect. Section 3 studies the influence of ESO to managers, which includes two aspects of income and cost, and the attitude of managers to ESO is determined by their expectation of net income. Section 4 constructs an integrative effect mode of ESO, which contains correlative factors affecting institutional efficiency. At the end of this section, we analyze correlative factors influencing stimulant effect designedly.Chapter 4 is "the analysis of outer influential factor of ESO". In this chapter, we study 3 main outer influential factors to the efficiency of ESO, comprising environmental factor, enterprise institutional factor and manager characteristic factor.Chapter 5 is "the advice to improve the efficiency of ESO". In this chapter, we table several proposal to improve institutional efficiency from the standpoint of government, including defining policy tendency, reinforcing legal system, mending market environment and perfecting enterprise system.Chapter 6 is "the design of ESO project". In this chapter, we study 6 main items of ESO plan, including the actuator of ESO, the beneficiaries of ESO, the sources of stock of ESO, the exercise price of ESO, the amount of stock option and the evaluation of beneficiaries.
Keywords/Search Tags:manager, stock option, stimulant system, principle-agent problem, compensation
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