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Research On The Construction Of Agricultural Technical Innovation System In China

Posted on:2003-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065956663Subject:Agricultural economic management
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The subject of this thesis is the analysis of and research on the agricultural innovation system in China. Through a series of study, research and analysis to the technical innovation theory, this thesis tries to make an overall investigation and appraisal of the current situation and history of the national agrotech innovation system in China, to summarize the international advanced experiences, and compare these experiences with those in China and to integrate with the characteristics of China's agricultural development, so as to discover the development tendency and essence of agrotech innovation, to seek an ideal pattern, a strategic thought, implementation plans and corresponding guarantee methods for the construction of agricultural innovation system in China in the transformation period from plan-oriented economy to market-oriented economy; accelerate the speed of agricultural innovation. And what is more is to integrate the existing innovation system and provide a theoretical support.This thesis constitutes seven chapters. Chapter 1: Introduction, with the main contents as follows:First, the introduction of the history background, the purpose and the significance of the research. Then, summarization and appraisal of the domestic and abroad research development about technical innovation in three aspects, which are Marx's theory on technique development, the technical innovation theory of Western Economics, and the research on agrotech innovation of domestic scholars. Last, a note no the research idea, researching method and innovation concept of this thesis.Chapter 2: Basic Theory of Innovation and Technical Innovation, Theoretical Foundation and Logical Starting Point of the Whole Thesis.With a thorough description of agrotech innovation conception, of the differentiation of innovation and invention, and of the relationship between the agrotech innovation and agroeconomics, it provides a theoretical analysis framework of the research about the agrotech innovation system.Chapter 3 to Chapter 5: Summarization and Analysis of the Historic Experience of Technical Innovation. Here lies the practical foundation of the thesis. Chapter 3: Comparison, Analysis and Summarization of the International Experience of Technical Innovation.In this chapter, it researches into the characteristics of other countries by sort inaccordance with the researching idea. Based on the basic theories of technical innovation, this chapter makes a systematic and detailed analysis and retrospect into the history background, society characteristics, international environments of the technical innovations in each country, then summarizes the basic tendency and characteristics of foreign technical innovation, and also it suggests several policies to encourage the middle and small-sized enterprise to carry out technical innovation, so as to have a clear knowledge and objective appraisal of the current situation and the development process of the technical innovation.Chapter 4: Research of the Current Situation of the Construction of the Agricultural Innovation System in China.Based on Chapter 3, this chapter evolves to discover the elements which influence the agricultural innovation impetus and provide a theoretical support to the construction of modern agrotech innovation system of our country. In order to do so, however, this chapter investigates the current situation of the agricultural innovation and makes a retrospect to the agrotech innovation and the effect of reform, such as the analyses of enterprise cases. Chapter 5: Analysis of the Encouraging Mechanism of the System and Policy of the Agrotech Innovation in China.Based on the conclusions of different theories of technical innovation and technical innovation policies abroad, this chapter analyses the encouragement mechanism of China's agrotech innovation in 3 aspects systematically: ownership encouragement, enterprise encouragement, government encouragement, and market encouragement. It researches into the effects and existing problems of enco...
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