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A Study On Community-based Renewable Natural Resources Management

Posted on:2003-06-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065962060Subject:Agricultural economic management
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At the present age, accompanying with renewable natural resources (RNR) worsen, sustainable management on RNR has become basic reqirement for it is an essential condition to realize the stratege of sustainable development. Many people are trying to find effective measures on natural resources using and management in order to solve these problems with RNR. As one flourishing and original kind of system, Community-based renewable natural resources management (CBRNRM), was being paid more and more close attention because it could overcome effectively hardships in collective action through taking advantage of community positive facts in managing RNR. Forthermore, as a kind of resources management system, the important role on RNR management is not replaced by system of market and government.Base on above primitive background, the study on CBRBRM is very important in theory and practice on the management of natural resources, in particularly, it could provide useful countermeasures for natural forest protection project and cropland shifting for planting and grass planting project in our country. This is the reason why I want to study this task.This paper was made up of three sections as follows: theoretical discussion, practical analysis, and conclusion. The section of theoretical discussion included chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3. In chapterl, the important notable effect of CBRBRM for RNR and sustainable development was showed. Based on analysis of natural and economics conditions, the conclusion, there is essential condition for which CBRBRM was put into effect in our country, was summaried.Some fererences of theory and experience on RNR management were reviewed in chapter2. A basic assumption of the study was established as follow: any other system of management on RNR could not sustitute for the system of CBRBRM because special natural properties and economic properties of RNR made CBRBRM effectively in practice and theory. That is to say, CBRBRM is more effective system of management for managing RNR than single system of market and government.The discussion of CBRBRM on institutional economics was analized in chapter 3. At first, the character of common property rights and main difficulties in utilizing RNR and managing RNR was showed specificly. Secondly, based on analysis of measure, effiency, cost, and benefit on CBRBRM, the basic assumption of this paper was testitied. Thirdly, the framework of study on RNR management was structured according to stumbling blocks by which is often confronted on community collective action, and pattern to overcome these difficulties in community-based RNR governing.The section of practical analysis included chapter 4 and chapter 5. Two kind of case on CBRBRM was analyzed with the former framework of theory. In chapter 4, those communities, which there were long -term practice on CBRBRM, and community-based management was going on playing important role in RNR manaement. One the hand, lessons and experiences on CBRBRM were summarized in practice. On the other hand, some notable factors on CBRBRM were discussed by on-the-spot investigation. From above the discussion, not only showed that community-based management could play important role on RNR management, but also provided with some measures to make full use of community-based management on the project of environmental conservation.In chapter 5, those communities, there is little experience on CBRBRM. Base on contrasting result of former RNR management system with present-day CBRBRM system, important role of CBRBRM on sustainable management of RNR was showed as well in practice. Furthermore, some measures with which rebuild system of CBRBRM were provided in paper.Three main solutions were drawn in the section of conclusion as follows:1 .The system of community-based management is not replaced by system of market and government on RNR management in practice and theory.2.Community-based management is an essential condition to realize sustainable management on RNR.3.The effective system of CBRBR...
Keywords/Search Tags:Natural resources, Renewable natural resources, Community-based management, Common property rights, Sustainable development
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