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Research On Business Financial Reporting System

Posted on:2005-11-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122499101Subject:Industrial Economics
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Financial report is the main channel for modern business to provide financial information for outer information users. Information intercommunication via financial reports is essential to both information provider and user. As the coming of knowledge economy, the inherent defect of available financial reporting system is much more obvious. Besides, for it is adaptable in industrial economy, it cannot do well in new economic circumstance. The change in circumstance and successive financial scandal recently attracts people's attention to the issue how to improve business financial reporting system.Nonstop improvement results in today's business financial reports. It's never stopped to discuss the how to improve the system since it's established. Financial Accounting Standards Board (America) pointed how to develop the business financial reporting from constructing financial accounting concept framework. In 1990's specialized committees were founded to work out how to improve business reporting and to investigate problems of reporting on the Internet. Ideas of elicitation were put forward. Quite a few Scholars in china (e.g. Prof. Ge Jiashu) also have done deep research to business financial reporting system and the problem of its improvement. Relevant government department has adopted some research products. Some products have profound influence on research to business financial reporting. There is no doubt that whether at home or abroad that the research is both of scientific significance and of practical effect. But further research is required to do for the complexity of issues of financial reporting system.The introspection and lots of research products after knowledge economy overheat motivates me to write this thesis. It's not to give direct advice to the innovation of current financial report system, but to establish the basic structure for researching business financial report system's issues and to give advice to improving our public corporation financial reporting system with the instruction of the structure.The object of the study will be more clearly understood through historical observation. More important, routine can be found. The research is so advisable and instructive to available innovation that its significance is presented. Michael Chatfield said that development of accounting is the result of reaction. Actually, business financial reporting system is deeply influenced by circumstance. It can be demonstrated by the difference among kinds of countries financial reporting systems and the strong requirement to improve financial reporting system. Therefore, business financialreporting system is researched from the angle of circumstance here. All activities are led by certain theory respectively. The development of a subject is mainly presented by the improvement of theory. Among the accounting acts of recognizing, measuring, recording and reporting, reporting has close relationship with other acts. Almost all the improvement of any accounting theory will affect reporting. Any change of financial reporting theory will relate with relevant theories. So financial reporting system is researched from another angle of relevant theories. The three angles supplement and support each other. Foremost, historical angle and circumstance angle can be compared as vertical section and cross section. Circumstance results in differences between financial reporting systems of countries. Though circumstance is analyzed, it's hard to explain why the financial reporting system becomes the one now. The problem can be solved through historical analysis. What's more, of the three angles, both routine and circumstance cannot influence the financial reporting system without other forces. Comparatively, relevant theories have direct effect on the development of financial reporting system. But theory is the distillation of long-term experience and the product of certain circumstances. This applies to the social science's theory especially.In consideration of the confusion of financial report terminology, the key ones...
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