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Theory Of Marketing Of Commercial Bank Of China And Its Positive Study

Posted on:2004-11-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122970793Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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This article has used the research method that authentic proof analysis and standard research each other combine, and takes the marketing in Chinese commercial bank market as the research object, and to the Chinese commercial bank theory, problem and strategy of market marketing under WTO's frame work have been in progress thoroughly studying.The way of research is: On the ground of research results of other people and the real states of Chinese commercial bank, creatively put forward the theory framework of Chinese commercial bank market marketing, and made the authentic proof analysis in the practice to this theory frame contrast Chinese commercial bank business administration, and the problem with Chinese bank in announcing out the market marketing existence reaches his origin, then goes deep into analyses the Chinese commercial bank reality on the objective environment foundation , has again systematically studied the marketing under WTO's frame of Chinese commercial bank reason reads and moves mechanism and marketing strategy and combinations tactics , has put forward the necessary policy measure of suitable market marketing on this foundation .This thesis has been realized three big objectives basically: Is reasonable discussing the commercial bank market marketing theory frame of piece of writing in passing through using for reference under the market system that the research achievements creating of forefathers is fit for in the open.Secondly the present situation of China commercial bank marketing and problem that exists reaching his origin and kneads dough the environment that faces has been inspected by way of the authentic proof piece of writing, thus theory frame founded is confirmed and tests.Three are commercial bank marketing profit mechanism, marketing strategy and measures of policy by way of the policy piece of writing is explored in.The conclusion is studied basically as follows:1. The commercial bank market marketing theory possesses the rich theory origin.The Marxist theory of capital transfers and realize. Land-rents are the important basis of commercialbank marketing. Theory of commodity capital transfer and realize is devoid to the research of commodity circulation and how to realize it's value. This theory guides the creation of customer-driven marketing theory. The land rent theory advances a mechanism that natural geographical advantages and reinvestment can result different income of the investment. This is of great significance to the layout of the commercial bank network. The supply and demand theory, competition based on price and non-price theory, discrepancy products and competition structure theory, consumer's action theory and mentality expectancy theory all are important theory sources of commercial bank marketing theory. That commercial bank marketing theory frame particularly to " takes the market as the direction and takes customer as the center " constructs building provides the very important theory train of thought. In addition, multitudinous scholars of China and foreign countries have still carried on the direct theory to the marketing in commercial bank market exploring, and also constructs building establishing the solid theory foundation for theory of this thesis.2. Commercial bank market marketing theory is a theory system that the content is huge.The commercial bank marketing activity is one from studies need of consumer's begins, and finally returns again with satisfied consumer the requirement for the course that constantly circulates of termination point. It not is equal in promoting sales and urging melting (promoting sales and urges melting being only a basic content of marketing), and is serve the marketing, relation marketing, entire marketing and the integration of brand marketing. The marketing in commercial bank market again is comprehensive conception, and whole content of tactics such as has included looking over (surveys and study in the market), cuts apart (subdivided in market), prior (selection objective market), fixe...
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