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Study On The Farmland Financial Institution Of China

Posted on:2005-12-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125462019Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The research theme of this paper is the farmland financial institution of China. On onehand, through summing up the experience in the course of the construction of farmlandfinancial institution it enriches the research content of credit institution theory, on the otherhand, using the theory of credit institution as a tool it solves the practical problems in theconstruction of farmland financial institution, in order to lay down scientific basis of theoryfor the construction of the farmland financial institution of our country. Farmland financial institution as a kind of credit institution form, together with otherforms of credit institution, forms the credit institution system of a country. Withoutfarmland financial institution, the research of credit institution system is imperfect, butwithout the background of credit institution system, the research on farmland financialinstitution is also unilateral. All of them are misleading. So, based on the foundation ofinvestigating into the law of credit institution, taking the relationship between creditinstitution and farmland financial institution as the prime clue, the farmland financialinstitution of our country is studied. The paper is divided into 7 chapters. The specificcontent of this paper is as follows: Chapter 1: introduction. This chapter is the overall planning for the whole paper.On the foundation of the established research theme, the academic perspective is analyzed,by which the clue of research thought, research content and research methods aredetermined and the possible innovations are explained. Chapter 2: basic theory of farmland financial institution. Based on theclarification of basic conception such as trust, credit, credtit institution and so on, the innermechanism of credit institution of 5 forms is studied. Then credit institution model isestablished, and the mutual relation between credit institution and farmland financialinstitution is analized by means of the model. Chapter 3: fundermental position for the farmland financial institution in therural financial system. Viewing from three different aspects of farmland financialinstitution vs. rural financial market, farmland financial institution vs. rural credit as wellas farmland financial institution vs. rural insurance and rural social security, thefundamental position of farmland financial institution in rural financial system is verified Chapter 4: comparative analysis on the farmland financial institutional patternin foreign countries. Referring to the viewpoint of credit institution theory, so many otherfarmland financial institution patterns in different countries is only the result of that the "parameter " of credit institution model altered. In the other word, firstly, farmlandfinancial pattern is the problem of relation between farmland financial institution, as akind of credit institution form and other credit institution forms of a country, secondly it isthe problem of organization and management of the farmland financial institution itself.At first, with the significant incident that has epoch making meaning on credit institutionsystem development history — — central bank emerging for sign, two periods are dividedfor the historical investigation of relation between credit institution background andfarmland financial institution pattern; On this foundation, according to the differentrelation between farmland financial institution and credit institution system in this countryin different historical period in the major developed countries, 4 kinds of typical case ofii 中国农地金融制度研究farmland financial institution pattern have been distinguished, they are the British type offarmland financial institution oriented by agricultural enterprise credit, the German type offarmland financial institution oriented by bank credit , the American type of farmlandfinancial institution oriented by financial market ( or giant stock cooperative cre...
Keywords/Search Tags:Theory of credit institution, Model of credit institution, Farmlandcommercialization, Pattern of farmland financial institution, Management innovation, Outside enviorenment, related coditions
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