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Study On The System Of Commercial Bank Supervion In China

Posted on:2005-08-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125462034Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Finance is the core of the morden economy. It has powerful promotion to economic development. In a certain country, bank is the core of financial system. The stability and safety of national economy has relation with the stability and safety of financial system. Therefore, all countries supervise financial institutions especially banks strictly to prevent, control and resolve financial crisis.The bank industry has made great development and promoted the economic development since China's reform and open to the world. But it remains undeveloped with weak competence, low efficient supervision and high potential risk. Therefore, it remains an important issue needed careful study that how to prevent, control and resolve financial risk through efficient supervision to keep the stability and safety of bank system and to keep bank's core function in financial deepening and resource allocation.This article studies the commercial bank supervisory system basing on foreign supervision experience and current situation of commercial banks in China. It analyzes systematically the evolvement, problems and current situation of bank supervision with the theory of economics, bank management and institutional economics. Then, it points out the key points and areas of commercial bank supervision. And it also puts forward the supervision strategies to banks in crisis. Thereafter, the article schemes commercial bank supervisory system with government supervision, internal control, self-discipline, market restriction and prompt dynamic supervision system. Lastly, the article brings forwards corresponding support factors of efficient commercial bank supervision.This article is divided into eight chapters: Chapter 1 Induction This chapter explains the background, aim and significance of the research on commercial bank supervisory system. The chapter points out the key areas, direction and methods of research with the analysis of dynamic researches at home and abroad. At last, it shows some possible innovations in this research.Chapter 2 Basic Theories on Commercial Bank Supervision Starting from the substance of commercial bank supervision, this chapter constructs the function of commercial bank supervision with microeconomics and puts forward the concepts of moderate commercial bank supervision and moderate scale of supervisory institutions. So the commercial bank supervision should obey cost-benefit principle because it is allocation of financial resource and self-discipline of government and bank. This chapter introduces the reform of supervisory system with utility hypothesis. It shows that the reforms can generate substitute effect and income effect, and the strength of regulation has important effect on social welfare and net social welfare. Lastly, this chapter brings forward the primary goals, principles and objects of commercial bank supervision.Chapter 3 International Comparison and Trend of Commercial Bank Supervisory System This chapter draws the foreign commercial bank supervision experience and its reference to China through international comparison among developed countries (U.S.A, Japan, Britain), new industrialized countries (Korea, Poland) and developing countries from the transition of Chinese economy.Chapter 4 The Evolution, Achievement and Problems of Commercial Bank Supervision in China This chapter divides the history of commercial bank supervision into three stages including primary stage, developing stage and advanced stage. It shows that there are some problems causing the low efficient supervision, including imbalance supervision, incomplete supervisory mechanism and limited scope and strength of supervision. Chapter 5 The Organizational System Construction of Commercial Bank Supervision in Chian This chapter puts forward target mode of commercial bank supervision on the background of financial liberalization and globalization. The target mode is the integrated supervision on bank, security and insurance. The Bank Supervision and Regulation Committee needs to strengthen its...
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