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On The Innovation Of Financing Institution In High-tech Industry Of China

Posted on:2005-03-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125962046Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Institution is an essential variable of the economy development. In the process of economic transition from the planned economy to the socialism market economy, it can't be replaced that the function to the development of the economy of the institutional variables. The thesis analyzed the innovation of financing institution in High-tech industry of China in the process of the economic transition by essential variables. On the basis of analyzing theories of institution and institutional innovation, the thesis put forward that institutional innovation is very important to resolve the financing bottleneck problem during the development of High-tech industry in China. Then, the thesis analyzed the internal factors and the exterior environment that influenced the innovation of financing institution of High-tech industry. Finally, on the basis of the history analysis of changes of the financing institution about High-tech industry and the substantial evidence research of present conditions of the financing institution, the thesis put forward the total way of thinking of the innovation of financing institution in High-tech industry of China and innovative actions of two concrete institutional arrangement. The text is divided into five parts totally, constituting with introduction and other seven chapters. The first part namely chapter 1, is part for introduction. Firstly, putting forward the new angle of the High-tech industry in our country on research of the problem of financing. Then, analyzing the purpose and meaning of research of the problem financing of Chinese High-tech industry with the creative angle in institution and institutional innovation. On the above, the thesis fixed the position for whole research wok.The second part namely chapter 2, is a basic theories part. Clarifying the meaning of the basic conceptions and their differentiation and inside contacts, and analyzing theories of predecessors on financing and institutional innovation deeply, these are the necessary premises to study the innovation of financing institution in High-tech industry of China. Firstly, the thesis clarified related conceptions scientifically, explained basic content and meanings of the High-tech industry and financing institution. The next in order, by the research with related theories of financing and institutional innovation of the Marxist economics and western economics, providing the theories preparation for the full text.The third part includes chapter3 and chapter4. This part is to analyze internal factors and exterior environment affecting the choice of financing institution of High-tech industry. Different from the traditional industries, High-tech industry is an industry clusters that with quick variety in characteristics and industrial environment. These varieties will cause the changes of activities in financing. According to these reasons, the financing institution of the High-tech industry has the stronger fluctuation, and reflects the influence of particular industry form, economy, culture, technological environment, technological development stage, and governmental strategy on industry development continuously. On the basis of the quantitative analysis with the present conditions and foregrounds of the High-tech industry of our country, the chapter 3 further discusses development regulation and economics characteristics of the High-tech industry, thereby analyzed the financing characteristic of the High-tech industry and predicted the funds demanded by the High-tech industry. On the view of system theory, chapter 4 analyzed financing supporting environment of the High-tech industry from philosophy and system economics angle of view separately, and expanded the research of financing support environment to the international scope.The fourth part namely chapter 5, is to analyze the historic changes of financing institution of the High-tech industry in our country. Our country now is placed in the process of economic transition. As the exterior environment of financing institution, economic and finan...
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