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The Problem And Countermeasure Research On High-tech Industry Of Chongqing

Posted on:2005-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125464711Subject:Business Administration
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With the constant promotions of scientific and technological informationization and economic globalization, high-tech industry has already become the focuses of competition among countries and regions. Chong Qing, As an old industry city, since directly under the jurisdiction of, though its comprehensive strength has been strengthened notably, but because traditional industry proportion is too big, the structural contradiction of industry is conspicuous, the gap has been increasing day by day in comparison with developed area in the east, such as Shanghai, and etc. Especially the high-tech industry, the gap is more obvious. Guided by the double function of market mechanism and government, having a foothold on the reality of Chong Qing and studying how to set up and perfect the high- tech industrialization system of Chong Qing by innovation on technology, system and culture for accelerating the industrialization process of high technology of ChongQing, promoting the traditional industry to transformation, Optimizing the structure of industry and improving the urban comprehensive competitiveness are very important realistically.This thesis has been divided into six parts. The first three parts includes the necessity and urgency of development of high-tech industry in Chong Qing, the concept of high technology and high-tech industry, the theoretical views of high-tech industries and economic growth, the main modes, Concrete measure and experience of high-tech industry in foreign countries and developed regions. The back three parts, based on a large amount of firsthand information and statistics, analyses the problem existed in development of high-tech industry in Chong Qing from government, enterprise, universities and research institution, financial institutions and intermediaries service organizations by data analysis and logical reasoning. And then put forward six basic countermeasures: Change idea and regard supporting the small and medium-sized enterprise to develop as a kind of strategic choice; Set up local policies and regulations matched with development of high-tech industry by system innovation; Set up technological innovation networked system; Strengthen investment in scientific and technological fields and set up multi-channel investment and financing system; Perfect scientific and technological intermediary service system; Cultivate innovation culture system; Strengthen international exchange and Cooperate .
Keywords/Search Tags:Chong Qing, high-tech industry, economic growth, innovation
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