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The Development Of China's Non-government Organizations And Political Civilization Construction

Posted on:2007-06-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185978737Subject:Political Theory
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Political civilization,as important component of human civilization and and human political wisdom, has become those theoretical problems and pratical subjects that need to be dealt with.Apporaching studies of political civilization, we muct attach great imporatance to organizational construction in political civilization construction. Among those, non-government organization is worth careful consideration and study as regard to its significance , value and consequences to political civilization construction.The author of this thesis believes that in the process of political civilization construction of our country, non-government organization is of non-replaceable significance. The key to political civilization construction of our country is the strategy of the Political party. The prospect of China's non-government organization is the prospect of its relationship with the Party. Meanwhil. The developmet potential is based on further transformation of government function. The aim of this thesis is to see how to promote political civilization construction in the interaction between non-government organization and the Party and government in view of non-government organization. It consists of 7 Parts:Part I: Introduction. Description of sauce, significance, methodology and creativity of the present study.PartⅡ: Literature review of political civilization and non-government organization study and the relationship between the two.PartⅢ: The effect of non-government organization on political civilization from a global aspect and relationship between non-government organization and political civilization based on theoretical analysis and positivism which confirms non-government organization is the promoter of political civilization.Part IV: This part looks back on evolution of China's political civilization and the...
Keywords/Search Tags:non-government organization, political civilization, Party construction, civil society
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