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Civility And The Modernization Transforms Of Chinese Society

Posted on:2011-01-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360308476461Subject:Ideological and political education
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Civility is the moral character and personal quality that a citizen in modern society should have, its core is to understand as a subject and a social responsible citizen. The nature of civility is social identity, it is a civil sense of social responsibility. The realistic foundation is civil rights,which is the equivalence of citizens enjoy social rights in fact . Constantly expand civil rights will promote the growth of civility . Civility is a modern people spirit, symbolizing the human development. Citizens have the spirit of social capital, it is a kind of cultural properties of soft power, a comprehensive national strength, and the organic part of the social development of state.So it is the objective requirement of the modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Civility is the moral claims of citizen in modern society, it is the core of modern morality. The history is acontinuous process, modern history is based on traditional.Being modern morality,Civility can't be producted by modern society, it need a kind of morai tradition. The morality of chinese tradition society not only has legitimism morality but also has patriotism. One aspect ,family is the production unit of small-scale peasant economy, it formation the identity hierarchical of society and the legitimism morality. Another aspect ,family is the production unit of small-scale peasant economy, it formation the particular way of value Identify,thus formation patriotism of china. Patriotism is the spirit vinculum of traditional civilization and modern civilization,it is also the foundation of civility. Chinese civility will grow based chinese patriotism,then chinese patriotism will grow based chinese civility.Being a modern people spirit,civility is only the product of morden society. Morden society whose features are market economy, contract culture and rule of law, appeal to civility , environmental creation for civility and defend civility. The development of maeket economy made society to be a entitative exist,and has independent person to be reality. The contract culture made morden person have marden spieit which contains independence , liberty, and freedom and so on.It also bring person to be dependent man. Rule of law brings freedom, equality and justice to be reality, and prentects the civility.Morden society whose features are market economy, contract culture and rule of law, require people who live in morden society to be a real citizen with social responsibility. Above all ,he should has subject consciousness,which contais social responsibility, tolerance spirit and compromise spirit .Secondly,he shoule has justice quality,which contains equality sense, rational spirit and rule sense.Thiedly, he should has the spirit of the rule of law,which contains right sense and respect to law.Chinese civility had grown up with the development of Chinese society, and it has Chinese characteristics, the behaviours are: the foundation is empirical, obvious nastic feature,instability and imbalance. Civility is a mark of Chinese development ,but it is so weak and small. If we want it to grou up ,we shoud create good environment and condition . Now we can do it for three areas: perfect the market economy system, pretect civil rights, standard country authority, improve the systems of democracy and the rule of law system.
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