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Research On The Establishment Pattern Of Port Groups And Right & Interests

Posted on:2007-10-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360182983099Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Economic globalization and China's entry into WTO, with further deepening ofChinese port management system reformation, have brought profound changes to themanagement environment and market characteristic of port enterprises. The competitionamong ports is becoming drastic day by day and there is no more monopoly among portsalong with the strength buildup of shipping companies and cargo owners. Thedevelopment and layout of regional economy have raised new demands to ports. In orderto obtain vantage points in competition, many a lot ports made sightless investment andexpansion, which caused extensive port management and huge waste of social resources.These changes bring great development opportunities and austere challenges to portenterprises and propel the competition among port enterprises onto a new level.Regionalization and internationalization of competition of competition become more andmore obvious. Under new circumstances, the study of port development theory,deepening of port reform, achievement of material transition and establishment ofmodern enterprise system is of great practical significance to provide academic guidanceto the organization and construction of large-scale port enterprise group.The concept and characteristics of port group, the importance of port group toregional economic development as well as the interactional relation between regionaleconomy and port group development are discussed in this article.From the visual angle of port group continuous healthily development, basing onimproving port core competitiveness and obtaining cogent competition advantage,analysis is made from three levels of the competition among different port groups, thecompetition among different ports within one port group and the competition amongdifferent port enterprises within one port. Game theory is used in analyzing the necessityof establishing port group enterprise bloc, avoiding port repetitious investment andconstruction and bad price competition.Aiming at the characteristics of natural regionalism and hinterland overlapping,basic idea of establishing port group enterprise bloc is advanced basing on the principleof establishing modern enterprise system. That is to clear the property right relation andset up the system of mother-subsidiary company according to the requirement of"corporationization";to fix the mother company as the core level, the enterprisesabsolutely or relatively hold by the mother company as the close level and affiliatedenterprises which have production cooperation relations with the bloc as the incompactlevel;to build closer relations of member ports and to fully exert the advantage ofresource accommodation and distribution of inside the enterprise bloc via the bridge ofcapital, human resources and management;to lower the dealing charges through the closecooperation of member enterprises on production and management which can make upthe malfunction of market mechanism. Three patterns of establishing port groupenterprise bloc are also raised in this article. They are "ally of the powers", "Pyramid"and "annular stock holding".It indicates that the choice of target enterprise is of vital importance to the success ofthe establishment of group company. The preparation of a group company must includenecessary assessment and examination of the target port so as to decide the aptitude of itsentry into the group as a member port. Grounding on the above reason, combining theestablishment of port group enterprise bloc, target port assessment model constituted bybasic theory of fuzzy clustering analysis is used in selecting target port. It ensures thattarget port, brought into the group, can realize strategic cooperation domino effect,resource cooperation domino effect and cultural cooperation domino effect.Simultaneously, due to the importance of reorganization, lucubration is carried out to thereorganization work after the establishment of port group enterprise bloc."Perspicuity of property right" is one of basic requirements of establishing modernenterprise system in China. Multi-factor of property structure is, on basis of "Perspicuityof property right", through lending some state-owned property;the national governmentmakes rational adjustment to the property structure so as to realize more effectively thevalue keeping and increment of state-owned assets. Combining the actuality of Chineseport enterprise property structure and existing problems, the article indicates thatenterprise group property right model suiting port specialty shall be set up. From the twoaspects of division and implementation of human resource capital property, the propertystructure that is an organic combination of material property right and human resourcecapital property right can be established.Through research on the substance and function of profit distribution and propertyanalysis and game theory analysis of profit distribution, the article put forward the target,principle and model of port group enterprise profit distribution and the improvementassumption of rational property structure and profit distribution scheme.This article stresses on the operator stimulating mechanism and concluded astimulating model. It studies the selection of stimulating methods of port enterprisesoperator and staff as well as the design of stimulating methods.Finally is the demonstration study of Port of Qinhuangdao. It analyzes the interiorcompetition environment of Port of Qinhuangdao such as property structure, managementstructure and stimulating mechanism as well as the macro-environment and competitionenvironment facing the development of Port of Qinhuangdao. Concrete patterns of settingup Qinhuangdao Port Group Bloc are raised aiming at main existing problems. Researchis also made on the property structure, organization structure, profit distribution andcultural stimulating models after the establishment of Qinhuangdao Port Group Bloc.
Keywords/Search Tags:port group, property structure, profit distribution, stimulating mechanism Fuzzy clustering
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