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The Study On Reservoir Forming Conditions And Its Main Controlling Factors Of Yanan And Yanchang Formation Of Dingbian Area In Ordos Basin

Posted on:2015-12-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1220330467966381Subject:Oil and Gas Field Exploration and Development
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Ordos basin is the second largest sedimentary basin in China, which contains the rich oil and gas resources. The Jurassic yanan group and yanchang group is an important oil-bearing series. In recent years, the combination of the under yanan group has been found many new fields and shows that the combination is also rich in oil resources.At present, the study of yanan group and yanchang group more focused on the sedimentary facies, reservoir characteristics and reservoir description, etc., and the reservoir accumulation conditions, the accumulation of main control factors are relatively few.To strengthen the research of these aspects, especially the laws of accumulation are under the combination of research, not only has guiding significance for the exploration and development in the studied area, but also has important theoretical significance.In this paper, guided by the theory of petroleum system and hydrocarbon accumulation, the application of well logging, mud logging, core and all kinds of analysis of geological, geochemical and geophysical data yanan group and the yanchang group of ordos basin area are two sets of series of13objective interval of petroleum geological conditions are studied, and the type of yanan group and yanchang group reservoir and oil and gas enrichment regularity is analyzed and discussed. Various types of yanan group and yanchang group reservoirs, oil and gas enrichment is controlled by many geological conditions. Among them,the following are the main types:the yanan group reservoir compaction-structural reservoir, the updip lithologic pinchout reservoir, stratigraphic onlap reservoir and lens reservoir.The degree of enrichment is controlled by sedimentary facies distribution, fault and fissure, the ancient river valley cutting degree and so on. But the yanchang group reservoir including lithologic reservoir and construct-lithologic reservoir, the enrichment is controlled by multiple factors such as hydrocarbon source rock condition, reservoir condition, reservoir and caprock conditions, and hydrocarbon generation of trap conditions.According to the study area of yanchang and yanan group sedimentary system, reservoir characteristics, reservoir caprock, control factors and the difference, set up the yanchang and yanan group model of hydrocarbon accumulation.Jurassic reservoir in the study area there are three main reservoir pattern:1) slope area-combinations of delta plain accumulation model2) hillock area patterns-combinations of delta front are the patterns3) combination of slope area, delta front.Yanchang group there are four main reservoir patterns:1) Direct contact with the reservoir and hydrocarbon source rock accumulation;2) Shipped by superimposed permeability sand body of oil and gas accumulation.3) Through the fluid pressure of oil and gas fracture shipped accumulation;4) by superimposed permeability sand body and oil and gas fracture fluid pressure accumulation.On the basis of the summary patterns of oil and gas enrichment regularity selected the each favorable target area in13layers of the yanan group of Jurassic and yanchang areas...
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordos basin, yanchang and yanan group, Sedimentary facies, Hydrocarbonsource rock, Reservoir stratum, Reservoir forming conditions, Reservoirforming mode
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