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Study On Mongolian Text Means Of Coherence And Cohesion

Posted on:2017-01-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1225330485966588Subject:Chinese Language and Literature
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Text is a perfect tool of communication and meaning-form united complex. We would study meaning (coherence) and form (cohesion) relations of literature text based on the text features as language deep (similar meaning structure in every language)-surface (dissimilar form structure in every language) structures and four sides of linguistics such as semantic, langue, speech, pragmatic.In the research work would be chosen literature texts to be classified relations of text coherence and cohesion by methods of theory of literature studies and text linguistics. The relations of selected texts would be studied with meaning, structure, function.The research work consists of introduction, basic part, conclusion, reference.The introduction is included view of the chosen theme, purpose of the research, tasks, advantage of research, previuos study, research methods.Main part is included 3 chapters. There are theory issues such as origin and development of text linguistics, its general concepts, its studies, recent condition and approach, features apart of discourse analysis in the first chapter. We would try to study text coherence-cohesion means focus on language deep-surface structures.In second chapter would been studied to classify coherence from sides of meaning, pragmatic. We would make text analysis, define meaning and stylistic of coherence means classify the types and determine by meaning and function of coherence means in the chosen texts of "Tungalagtamir" novel by Lodoidamba.Ch, and "Managdsan gal" narrative by Asar.M.In third chapter would be tried to define basic of theory to classify cohesion means from structure and transformation.We would make text analysis, define meaning and stylistic of coherence means classify the types and determine by form and structure of cohesion means in the chosen texts.To determine features of meaning and function for coherence and cohesion means in the literature text play important role to define text relations.All in all, we would conclude result of research work to compare cohesion and cohesion means. In the future and notice new idea how to study the works deeply.
Keywords/Search Tags:Coherence, cohesion, meaning coherence means, form and structure cohesion means, text composition cohesion means, text stylistic coherence means
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