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Research On The Construction Of Purity Of Members Of The Communist Party Of China (1921-1949)

Posted on:2017-04-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1226330485472945Subject:Marxism in China
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Communist Party of China, with 87,793 million members and 388 million branches, in the face of reform and opening up and challenges and risks brought by the test of socialist market economy and in the new situation about member and structure of the party, the task of controlling party is still arduous and strengthening the construction of the purity of the party member team is apparently more urgent and more important. Therefore, we need to make conclusions about its related history experiences, along with taking history as a mirror, to better promote the construction of the purity of the party member team.The connotation of Marxism party theory is the necessity to the construction of party member team purity. Marx and Engels’ discourses about class nature, advanced nature, organization nature of proletarian party have established the theory framework of the construction of party member team purity. Lenin has completed its theoretical explanation in the aspects of exploring to strictly govern the party in a comprehensive way, principles of building the party, new member recruitment, theory education and party unity and so on in the period of party’ revolution and ruling. The Communist Party of China led by Zedong Mao continue to further development the construction theory of party member team purity in the fields of party nature, member standards, the construction of party branches etc.We must face up with the political ecology and make corresponded adjustments to enhance the construction theory of party member team pure quality. In the era of new democratic revolution, on one hand, the party emphasized on the analysis of current situation and adjusted the guide lines of the construction theory of the party member’s pure quality via grasping variable factors of political ecology; on the other hand, stressed on the examination of its own development, scale of party member, party components etc. It formed the practice feature of the construction of party member team pure quality in various periods on the basis of analysis of political ecology.We need to enhance the entrance construction to keep party member team purity. The Party explored the construction of party member team purity from the development of party members, party member management, party member education and exit for party member in the period of new democratic revolution. In member recruitment, we make sure the entrance purity from both mechanism and procedures. In party member management, we guarantee the party purity through routine management, adjustment organization structure, optimize operation mechanism. In party member education, we form the education system of party members including the theory education, faith education, aim education and discipline education, promoting party purity. In terms of party members exit issues, on one hand, we set up the exit mechanism based on party constitution; on the other hand, from the initial resignation to being fired by the party publically, to intensive cleaning-up, we explore the practical path of the party members exit constantly.The construction of party member team purity has laid the foundation for party development and left valuable experiences. The main historical experience:complete the theoretical inheritance and innovation, ecological analysis interacts with political party governance, enhance the individual purity and party purity, pay attention to development and strengthen. the management together with curing and treating patients simultaneously; As for lessons:we must maintain the independence of the party and explore the construction of the party member team., The number of party members must keep on the basis of the party branch of normalized management and we have to fight the party member team management against the "left" and right erroneous tendencies.In conclusion, strengthening up the construction of the party member team purity is necessity to history lessons as well as to times development. Long-term ruling of the Communist Party of China is is facing a long-term mental slack, insufficient capacity, divorced from the masses and the danger of passive corruption, Combined with the reform of the economic system transition, the political system steadily and the socialist market economy system is still in perfect, The construction of the party member’s purity is facing a new situation.Thus, the party should insist the construction of the purity as the main line and needs to create good political ecology positively to fulfill the dynamic purity of party members by improving organization management and entrance governance under the background of new normal to govern the party strictly.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Period of New-democratic Revolution, the Communist Party of China, Party Members, the Construction of Purity, Experience and Lessons, Political Ecology, Management Purity
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