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Research On Musical Time Consciousness

Posted on:2019-01-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Music is the art of time,and all the elements of music are displayed in the process of time.In the common cognition,the time of music is summed up in the dimension of the objective time,that is,the time of the music is defined by the actual length of the music.However,the time of music,in addition to the physical attributes,exists in the inner time dimension of the subject consciousness.People's stream of consciousness is a connected and mutual penetration of the whole,while we perceive music,consciousness also toward the past “memories” and “expectations” in the future,and music is in one each other,continuous progress in the continuous process of continuous forward,any kind of music is not isolated,people grasp the whole music in the consciousness of internal time.Whether composers or performers or appreciators are projecting their time consciousness into music,the experience of music is based on human's inner time consciousness,trying to synchronize their own time consciousness flow with music flow to get the resonance of music.In the long years of the development of Chinese and western music,due to the different political,cultural,economic and other circumstances,resulting in a lot of differences in people's musical ideas,thus embarked on a different path of development,but music in the final analysis is belong to people,music time is actually the main body of time.I will focus on four turn,namely from philosophical epistemology to philosophical ontology;a study on the change of time in music from man's perspective to man's inner tie consciousness;from what is the time of music to what is it;from the external time characteristics of music to the structure of human's internal time consciousness,have tried to answer the music sense of time for different music phenomenon is possible.The details of the specific chapters are as follows:The first chapter expounds the structure,characteristics and representation of music time consciousness from the macro perspective of music time consciousness.People's cognition of time is to divide time into “past”,“present”,and “future”.however,people's inner subject time consciousness is a continuous whole,and the memories of “past” and the expectation of “future” and perception of “present” from the time consciousness structure together,through the continuous “extension”,the existence of music lies in us like time.Therefore,the characteristics of time consciousness of music has the characteristics of continuity and abstraction,music is the auditory organ as the receiving channel,through the abstract symbols in people's continuous stream of consciousness to reflect the essence of music connotation,and memory representation,imagination representation as the inner manifestation of music time,in the human mind to form the movement and change of consciousness.The second chapter expounds the schema,process and interpretation of music time from the perspective of music time form.The schema of music time is a cognitive framework and thinking mode inherent in the creative mind,and reflects the internal spirit and surface form,so it has the characteristics of typicality and stability.The process of music time always begins with the composer's creation from the point of view of western art music.through the performer's deduction,the appreciator can obtain the aesthetic experience,which is a recurrent spiral movement rule.The interpretation of music time is obtained through the external expression of the subject's emotion and the internal expression of the object form.The third chapter takes the music time characteristic as the elaboration clue,the music time certainty comes from the time irreversible,the self-denial and the unidirectional characteristic,as well as for the music experience in the time dimension “afterwards”.While the music time uncertainly is due to the different aesthetic experience led to different time consciousness of the individual differences,in addition to music interpretation of improvisation and inheritance of freedom,and the influence of people's inner perception lead to music time produced expansion,these all make music time become different.As for the change of music time,the author takes her own fieldwork as the main basis to explain the change of music,phenomenon,and emphasizes that the music time has also produced many changes due to the acceleration of social life rhythm.The fourth chapter from the angle of music time flow phenomena are introduced,the music from the subject of time,it is the one and only to understand and feel the music of time,but also affected by social environment,and different people for the aesthetic judgment of music is to the main body of the individual aesthetic experience as the main reference.The music object of time is based on the objective time music works as the research foundation,from the physical property of time can be seen on the music can be measure,and music to some extent as an independent existence of the “object” is not in time,the specific elements of the music,the rest brought time to pause,but from the judge,it still has the time attribute.The value and significance of music time is discussed from the three aspects of music's super-time,the relationship between time and space and the difference between Chinese and western music time.Throughout the full text,the author uses the research method of combining speculative and practical analysis,from macro to micro to macro way,on the theme of music time awareness for the academic analysis,and through specific examples of music to the issue of interpretation,generalize and sum up.
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