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Research On Consumer Perceived Value In The Context Of Mobile Marketing

Posted on:2020-02-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1369330602450285Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of mobile technologies and the proliferation of mobile devices,consumers increasingly spend much more time on their mobile devices.Mobile marketing has become one main component of marketing plan in companies.Meanwhile,consumer perceived value is a critical concept in marketing field,whose connotation varies with the consumption context.On the basis of this,with the analysis of entire progress of mobile marketing,taking We Chat official account marketing as research object,using the methods of field interview,text mining,questionnaire survey,and statistics analysis,research on the concept and the identification of dimensions of consumer perceived value,the importance evaluation of value dimensions of the scale developed in different phases of mobile marketing,and the influence of consumer perceived value on consumers' behavior intention based on the scale developed were conducted.The main study includes three parts as follows.Firstly,the measurement instrument of consumer perceived value in the context of mobile marketing(MCPV scale)was developed.We Chat official account was regarded as research object in this study.Based on c ustomer value hierarchy on M eans-end Chain theory,interview protocol was designed.Face-to-face interview of 179 We Chat official account subscribers were then conducted.Text-mining of R language was applied to analyze the text data of interviews.Then 87 initial keywords on consumer perceived value were extracted.With opinion of experts and focus groups,similarity analysis was implemented,which screening out 43 ke ywords.After that,100 c onsumers were invited to evaluate the importance of all 43 keywords,all 43 keywords remained.An initial scale based on these 43 keywords was developed to conduct a survey.After exploratory factor analysis,a scale including six dimensions with 32 items was obtained.The second round survey was then conducted on this new scale.After confirmatory factor analysis,a final scale including six dimensions with 18 i tems was obtained.The final six dimensions were design value,emotional value,functional value,monetary value,guarantee value,and social value.With the compare analysis of four-dimension,five-dimension,and this six-dimension model,the six-dimension model was demonstrated better.Thus,the six-dimension model was effective and better than the prior multi-dimension models in the context of mobile marketing.Secondly,the importance of value dimensions in different decision phases of mobile marketing was evaluated.Based on the six-dimension model developed above,Best-worstScaling(BWS)was used to evaluate the importance of value dimensions.Balanced Incomplete Blocks Designs(BIBD)was applied to obtain ten compare choice sets on the six dimensions,which was then used to conduct a survey.With data analysis of 441 respondents' response,value importance preference in three main phases of mobile marketing campaign,i.e.receive marketing messages and click on short titles,read the article and click on link in the article,and read the detail information of product and purchase on mobile,was obtained.Then significant test of importance difference was carried out.The dynamic change of consumer perceived value through the mobile marketing campaign progress was demonstrated.Furthermore,the heterogeneity of consumers' value dimension preference was also identified.The results shows that most consumers are utilitarian;functional value was referred as the most important value in all three phases;monetary value,guarantee value,and emotional value were referred as more important than design value and social value in all three phases;emotional value were regarded as more important than guarantee value in the second phase,while when consumers decided to purchase products in the third phase,guarantee value was more important than emotional value.Design value and social value were referred as less important than other values in all three phases.However,when consumers decided to click on short titles in the first phase,design value was important than social value.In addition,the findings shows that there is not significant difference between female and male consumers evaluating six value dimensions in the first phase.However,when decided to click on the link in the article to obtain detail information,male perceives design value more important than female;when decided to purchase products,male perceives more importance on design value and social value while female perceives more importance on monetary value and guarantee value.Thirdly,the influence of consumer perceived value on consumers' behavior intention was analyzed.Based on the six-dimension model obtained above,MCPV was regarded as a second order factor and was referred as mobile ads value in this study.Structural equation model was built to analyze the relationship among mobile ads value,mobile ads effectiveness,consumer attitude,and consumer loyalty.The results shows that mobile ads value has significant positive effect on mobile ads effectiveness;both ads value and ads effectiveness impact on attitude positively;mobile ads effectiveness influences consumer loyalty towards the official account positively;consumers' attitude significantly influences consumers' loyalty on the official account which released the mobile ads.In addition,the mediating effect of mobile ads effectiveness was found on the relationship between mobile ads value and attitudes towards the account;the mediating effect of attitudes towards the account was found on relationship between mobile ads effectiveness and loyalty towards the account as well.The study further demonstrated effectiveness of MCPV scale.The dynamic view on consumer perceived value in the mobile marketing campaign was presented in this paper.The heterogeneity of consumers' value preference in different phases was also identified in this paper.Organizations should further optimize design of the value dimensions which with high importance and low heterogeneity,and formulate precision marketing strategy for niche market of the consumers who have high heterogeneityIn conclusion,from the perspectives of concept definition,dimensions identification,importance evaluation,and influence analysis,research on consumer perceived value in the context of mobile marketing was conducted step by step in this paper.The series studies complements several gaps in consumer perceived value literature,and provides guidelines for organizations to implement mobile marketing,especially on the We Chat official account.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile marketing, Consumer perceived value, Scale development, Best-worst scaling, Importance evaluation, Consumer behavior
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