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Research On The Capture Dynamic Mechanism And Ground Test Of The Space Bionic Flexible Webs

Posted on:2021-10-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B T XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1481306548992309Subject:Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
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At present,it is evident that active space debris removal technology is indispensable for sustainable space exploration with the deteriorating space debris environment,and there is an urgent need to develop an active space debris removal system with low cost,high efficiency,and strong versatility.With its advantages of low cost and high fault tolerance,the space flexible net capture technology is particularly suitable for capturing non-cooperative targets such as space debris,and has become a research hotspot in the field of active space debris removal technology.This article proposes a batch of low-orbit space debris removal scheme based on the low-orbit space debris removal as the application background and the space flexible net capture technology as the research object.We conduct application research based on the bionics theory and method,carried out the scheme design and related dynamic analysis research of the "cobweb-like" space flexible capture mechanism inspired by the spider predation.We completed the development and test of the ground principle prototype of the "cobweb-like" flexible capture device,and some beneficial results were achieved.(1)The design of batch low-orbit space debris removal tasks.The limitations of current active debris removal schemes and technologies are summarized based on the statistical analysis of space debris environment,and the concept of many-to-many batch low-orbit debris removal is proposed.The reachable area of the batch debris removal mission is analyzed through orbit calculation,and an orbital maneuver scheme for a batch of low-orbit space debris removal tasks is proposed through the feasibility analysis.Based on the space flexible net capture technology,the scheme design of the batch low orbit space debris removal system is carried out,and the system workflow is developed.(2)Bionic design for the space flexible net capture mechanism.Based on the biological inspiration of spider net predation,the spider net configuration is applied to the design of space flexible net capture mechanism,and a "cobweb-like" space flexible capture mechanism is designed.(3)Analysis of dynamics and perturbation characteristics of the bionic flexible net during the rotation deployment process.The dynamic model of traditional flexible net projectile deployment and the bionic flexible net rotation deployment are deduced.The process of the bionic octagonal flexible net rotation deployment and the quadrilateral traditional flexible net projectile deployment are numerically simulated,the dynamic characteristics such as the deformation of the rope segments,the motion state of the block and the rope segments are analyzed.The theoretically analysis and mechanics-based explanation are developed for the stress wave phenomenon that occurs after the deployment of bionic flexible net.The results show that the bionic flexible net deployed by centrifugal force can better meet the requirements of space debris removal tasks in both terms of the efficiency and dynamics performance during the deployment process compared with the traditional projectile deployment method,and with the better structural stability and anti-interference ability which can further verify the feasibility of the bionic design scheme in this paper.(4)The modal characteristics and static capture performance of a classical flexible net and a bionic octagonal flexible net compared and analyzed.The simulation results demonstrate that the bionic octagonal flexible net is superior to the classical flexible net structure both in terms of the natural vibration characteristics of the structure and the target capturing performance,which verifies the feasibility of bionic design.(5)Dynamic analysis of the bionic flexible net during the collision process.The methods for collision detection and force solution between the net and target during the collision process are defined.The collision process analysis of the three operating conditions is performed by defining the three different initial contact states as a plane,line,and point.The dynamic performance of bionic flexible net and the traditional flexible net in the collision process is compared and analyzed.The results show that the bionic flexible net has stronger tolerance capability in the process of capturing and colliding with the target,which fully verifies the rationality of the bionic design scheme in this paper.(6)Research and test of the ground principle prototype of the "cobweb-like" flexible capture device.Based on the bionic design scheme,the first-generation ground test principle prototype is developed,the ground test system is built and the verification experiment of rotation deployment and capture effect of the flexible webs is carried out.During the summary and analysis of the test process and results of the first-generation principle prototype,the design defects of the second generation of prototypes is optimized,and the rotation deployment test of the bionic net is carried out.The test results verified the effectiveness and reliability of the rotation and capture method of the bionic flexible net.The thesis research carried out the design of a batch of low-orbit space debris removal tasks based on the requirement of space debris environmental governance.A new "cobweb-like" space flexible capture mechanism,inspired by the spider predation,is designed in this thesis.The numerical simulation analysis of the deployment process and collision process of the flexible net are carried out.Research and test of the ground principle prototype of the "cobweb-like" flexible capture device is carried out.The research results of the thesis provide a reference for the design of the space flexible net capture mechanism,provide a theoretical basis and experimental support for the key technology research and engineering implementation of the space flexible net,and have important significance for the future space environment management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Low-Orbit Space Debris, Batch Active Removal, Space Flexible Webs, Bionic Design, Rotating Deployment, Collision Capture, Ground Test
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