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Capture By Impact Of Space Debris And Dynamic Analysis

Posted on:2021-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330614450513Subject:Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
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Due to the increasing frequency of human space activities,the huge number of space debris resulting from the collision or failure of spacecraft seriously threatens the safety of spacecraft in orbit.There is no effective evasion and protection measures for dangerous debris,so we need to find an effective cleaning method.At present,the capture methods of space debris at home and abroad are mostly for large-scale failure spacecraft,and most of them are still in the theoretical research stage.Based on the existing capture methods and the research of space debris protection structure,this paper combines structure optimization,numerical simulation and theoretical research to carry out research on space debris impact capture methods and dynamic analysis.The main research content of this article is:A space debris on-orbit capture device that can be mounted on a spacecraft for launch is proposed.The device is designed in four aspects of overall structure,satellite interface,internal layout and consumables replacement.The design scheme is verified and optimized by establishing a three-dimensional model and performing simulation analysis.Finally,the overall structure form combining three load-bearing structures,the SMA-driven satellite interface,cone-shaped entrance combined with a reasonable internal layout design and a consumable replacement mechanism t hat can rotate around the axis realize the on-orbit capture stability and reusability of the device.The damage characteristics and impact limit characteristics of the structure and material of the capture device when capturing space debris by impact are studied.Compared with the existing experimental data,the validity of the simulation results is verified.By analyzing the simulation results of projectile with different diameters and velocities impacting capture devices,the damage morphology of the impacted aluminum plate,the filling structure and the recovering debris material during the debris recovery process is studied,and the impact limit parameters of the debris recovered by the capture device are discussed in conjunction with the empirical formula.The results show that when the projectile diameter is the same and the impact velocity increases,the perforation size of the aluminum plate and Kevlar layer increases,the impact area of the PE plate increases,and the depth of the pits on the PE plate increases first and then decreases.When the impact speed is the same and the projectile diameter increases,the above-mentioned impact damage increases.As the projectile diameter and impact speed increase,the impacted aluminum plate and Kevlar layer's absorption rate of projectile kinetic energy shows a downward trend.Analyze the structural stability and transient dynamic response of the capture device when the space debris impacts.Through the modal analysis of the structure of the impact capture device,we discuss whether the structure is stable.At the same time,the transient dynamic characteristics of the capture device structure under variable load are studied,and the recovery of the device after the capture is discussed.The results show that as the order increases,the natural frequency of the capture device increases,which is obviously divided into sparse modal areas and dense areas.Under the excitation of the projectile,the device will not produce resonance phenomena.By calculating the equivalent stress,it can be indirectly to determine the damage of the device.The displacement value of the contact point caused by the projectile impact will not affect the capture process,and the displacement of the overall device will not cause it to deviate from the predetermined track.
Keywords/Search Tags:space debris, capture device, structural design optimization, impact damage, stability
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