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Spectrum Inversion Of Foliar Mineral Nutrient Element Contents And Nut Quality Indicators For Corylus 'Xinzhen 1'

Posted on:2022-01-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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'Xinzhen 1'is a fine variety of Ping?ou hybrid hazelnut which is adapted to the growth and cultivation in Xinjiang,with the advantages of high yield,full kernel,high rate of kernel yield,cold resistance and strong adaptability,its nuts have high economic and nutritional value,and has become one of the main cultivated varieties promoted by the development of hazelnut industry in the north foot of Tianshan,Xinjiang.But its cultivation and management technology is not perfect,especially the lack of scientific and reasonable management of nutrient elements,which seriously affects the growth and fruiting of Hazelnut,resulting in low yield and uneven quality.It can be seen that during the production process,how can the malnutrition of Ping?ou hybrid hazelnut be controlled accurately and quickly,the concentration of harvest failure of Ping?ou hybrid hazelnut be diagnosed in real time,and the soil nutrient can be connected with the actual nutritional needs of Ping?ou hybrid hazelnut nut,it is of great significance to apply fertilizer according to demand,let it get the necessary nutrient elements and realize scientific and reasonable soil nutrient and orchard management.In view of this,this research takes'Xinzhen 1'as the research object,combines the element,the quality content determination,the spectrum data monitor,searches the leaf element content,the nut quality index and the spectrum parameter mathematics relations,the spectral inversion model of leaf element content and nut quality index of'Xinzhen 1'was established by measuring error method.The main findings are described below:The spectral characteristic parameters of leaf N with very significant correlation(P<0.01)were D_b,D_g,R_gand SD_r in fruit setting period,SD_r/SD_b,(SD_r-SD_b)/(SD_r+SD_b)in fruit rapid growth period,?_r,D_y in fruit fat change period,D_r,SD_r,SD_r/SD_y,(SD_r-SD_y)/(SD_r+SD_y)in fruit near-mature period.The spectral characteristic parameters of leaf P with very significant correlation(P<0.01)were R_g/R_o,(R_g-R_o)/(R_g+R_o)in fruit setting period,SD_r/SD_y,(SD_r-SD_y)/(SD_r+SD_y)in fruit rapid growth period,R_g,R_o,RNIR/Green,RNIR/Red,(NIR-Green)/(NIR+Green),(NIR-Red)/(NIR+Red)in fruit fat change period,SD_r/SD_y in fruit near-mature period.The spectral characteristic parameters of leaf K with very significant correlation(P<0.01)were D_y,R_g,?_o,SD_b,SD_r/SD_b,(SD_r-SD_b)/(SD_r+SD_b)in fruit setting period,D_y,R_g,SD_b,R_g/R_o,(R_g-R_o)/(R_g+R_o)in fruit rapid growth period,R_g,R_o,RNIR/Green,RNIR/Blue in fruit fat change period,D_r,R_g,R_o,SD_y,SD_r in fruit near-mature period.The sensitive wavelengths of Ca in FSP were 503 and 706nm,the relative concentrations of FRGP were 419,445,471,845,910 and 950nm,FFCP were 816 and 1102nm,FNMP were 340,402,483,582,835 and 906nm.The sensitive wavelengths of Mg were relatively concentrated near 490,893,923,969,1012nm in FSP,near 345,400,874,887,920,948 nm in FRGP and near 1036,1094nm in FFCP;The FNMP is relatively concentrated around 886and 904 nm.The sensitive wavelengths of Fe in FSP were relatively concentrated at 772,815,844 nm,FRGP were 829,830,831nm,FFCP were relatively concentrated at 410,419,821,877,1 045,1 127nm FNMP were relatively concentrated at 418,465,483,553,578,671,764,772,811,835,895,931,980nm.The sensitive wavelengths of Mn in FSP were relatively concentrated at 578nm and 804nm,FRGP at 365nm and 1010nm,FFCP at 873,874,936,937,1007,1057 and 1059nm;FNMP were relatively concentrated at 481,548,571,599,646,681,864,882,951nm.The sensitive wavelengths of Cu in FSP were relatively concentrated at 340,373,390,412,435,437,489,786,865,1027,1066nm,FRGP were relatively concentrated at 392,784,821,859,906,1049nm;FFCP were relatively concentrated at 350,491,827,1 061 nm;FNMP were relatively concentrated at 500,595,776,1 018,1 042nm.The sensitive wavelengths of Zn were relatively concentrated at 384,468,520,571,595,608,837,880nm in FSP,and at 395,404,425,760,790,810,856,901,941,1 046,1 078nm in FRGP;FFCP were relatively concentrated at 434,450,491,525,553,612,686,824,955,1012,1 040nm;FNMP were 342,343,344,878nm.There was a linear mathematical relationship between the effective spectral characteristic parameters of N,P,K contents and nut single fruit weight,seed kernel crude fat,crude protein content.Through the horizontal comparison of different modeling methods,It was found that the fitting degree of the spectral inversion of the major elements in the leaves of'Xinzhen 1'was higher and the prediction was more accurate The spectral inversion of the quality indexes of the leaves of'Xinzhen 1',which was established by stepwise linear regression,has higher fitting degree and more accurate prediction.The precision of quantitative inversion model for mass elements,micronutrient and nut quality index of'Xinzhen 1'can be effectively improved by using measurement error method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corylus 'Xinzhen 1', nutrient element, nut quality, spectral characteristic parameters, measurement error model
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