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Research On The Dynamic Ability Formation Path Of Small And Micro Enterprises From The Perspective Of Network Embeddedness

Posted on:2019-06-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Small and micro business is the important foundation for national economy and the essential channel for business and enriching people.It plays important role in expanding employment,improving people's livelihood,prosper the market and increasing taxes.Because of the shortcoming of capital,technology,talent and other factors,it is hard to form its advantages of flexible adaption and market development.In the era of knowledge economy,the period of human knowledge renewal is shortened,the market completion is internationalized,the environment outside is increasingly fierce competitive and the inside environment is lack of resources,which have been the vital issue nowadays.Since the theory of dynamic capabilities has been put forward,there are few small and micro businesses in the academic field as the research object.How the small and micro business dynamic capabilities connotation is and how to construct the path,all of these need to get the theoretical guidance.In this context,this paper tries to build the path analysis framework for small and micro businesses.In all kinds of resources,knowledge resources are more and more research confirmed as the most strategic core resource.Knowledge of the school that an enterprise is a collection of knowledge,the core competitiveness of enterprises lies in the knowledge of the acquisition,creation,storage and application.With the deepening of the global division of labor,each enterprise is a node on the knowledge value network,active or passive embedded in the social network.Theoretical research has shown that network embeddness has become an important source of knowledge and know-how for enterprises,and it is important for small and micro businesses with little resources to improve the abilities and make long-term development.However,what is the relationship between network embeddness and dynamic capabilities,how is the mechanism of action,the existing research is still no clear conclusion.Based on the above real and theoretical background,this paper,from the theory of dynamic capabilities,combines the theory of organizational learning and the theory of network embeddness and puts forward four questions in this research topic:(1)How to define small and micro business dynamics?What are the elements?How to measure this concept?(2)How does network embeddness affect small business dynamics?(3)Does inter-organizational learning play a mediating role in network embeddness and dynamic capabilities?(4)How does Environmental Munificence affect the inter-organizational learning and dynamic capabilities of small and micro businesses in the context of network embeddness?This study uses the research methods of combination of theory and evidence,qualitative and quantitative,and answers the above questions.In this paper,the key concepts are defined on the basis of combing the literature,and the measurement is deeply analyzed.Combining the existing research results and the characteristics of small and micro businesses,the measurement scale is given,and the dynamic ability is divided into chance perception,organizational flexibility and resource integration ability of three dimensions.The network embeddness is divided into two dimensions:structure embedding and relational embedding;Inter-organizational learning is divided into three dimensions:knowledge acquisition,knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization;this paper develops the measurement scale for each dimension,and tests the reliability of each scale by exploratory factor analysis,confirmatory factor analysis,reliability analysis and other statistical methods.Through the literature review and exploratory case study,the paper proposes the initial theoretical presupposition after the case code.Then,combining the literature arrangement,this study refines and revises the theoretical presupposition proposed in the exploratory case,and puts forward the conceptual model.Finally,through the quantitative research of questionnaire,exploratory factor analysis and structural equation model,it tests the research hypothesis and constructs construction mechanism of dynamic capability of small and micro enterprises based on network embeddness.Through the above research steps,this study draws the following main points and conclusions:(1)The dynamic capability of small micro-enterprises can be expressed as "the ability of enterprises to adapt to environmental changes through the ability to acquire,integrate and utilize internal and external resources to change their own practices",including three dimensions,opportunity perception,organizational flexibility and resource integration.(2)The embedding of the network has a significant and direct positive effect on the dynamic capability of small and micro businesses,and the embedding of structure and relationship have different influence on the dynamic capability.The relationship embedding has obvious influence on the opportunity perception ability and organizational flexibility ability of the enterprise,while the structural embedding has only significant influence on the opportunity perception ability.It shows that small and micro businesses are difficult to be in the center of the network.And it is also difficult to own the advantages of structural embedding as their own.Thus,through their own efforts to increase the number of partners to maintain the density and depth of cooperation between the two sides,build trust,and actively participate in the process of problem solving,small and micro businesses can expand the information source,improve the external environment sensitivity,master the resource integration skills,and respond the changes in the market.(3)Network embeddness has become an important source of knowledge for small micro businesses,and inter-organizational knowledge transfer has a significant positive impact on the construction of dynamic capabilities for small and micro businesses.Inter-organizational knowledge acquisition has a significant positive impact on organizational awareness perception,organizational flexibility and resource integration,and knowledge sharing has a significant positive impact on organizational flexibility and a significant reduction in the impact of opportunity perception;knowledge utilization has a significant positive effect on the three dimensions of dynamic capability.(4)Inter-organizational learning plays a mediating role in the impact of network embeddedness on dynamic capabilities.There are two micro-dynamic capability paths based on the network embeddedness perspective:From the network embeddedness to the dynamic capability,its internal mechanism is that small and micro business can obtain complementary resources through the network,such as labor resources,capital,suppliers,markets and so on.And technical know-how,organizational practices,organizational culture,etc.exist more in the form of tacit knowledge.Small and micro businesses need to get them through cross-learning,which helps to achieve access,absorption,diffusion,use,innovation and other processes.Therefore,it can be transformed into perceived ability,flexibility and integration ability which help businesses to adapt to environmental changes,and confirms the importance of to strengthening knowledge management for small and micro businesses.(5)Environmental inclusiveness for small micro businesses in the network embedded and inter-organizational learning,network embedded and dynamic relationship has positive adjustment effect.From the current literature on the measurement dimension of environmental munificence,the measure of environmental munificence includes government development planning,financial policy,industry development space,resource support from the market and so on.To some extent,these factors are surely related to the local economic development and regional culture..Specifically,in some more developed areas,with a higher degree of international convergence,the environmental munificence is higher.Furthermore,the sense of crisis,the sense of competition and the sense of growth for local small and micro businesses is also superior to other similar businesses in other areas.Therefore,with the improvement of environmental munificence,the external environment objectively provides more favorable living conditions for small and micro businesses.For those resources-shorted businesses,the compensatory effect from external knowledge and resources is more obvious.Whether it is dynamic capability building or knowledge acquisition,the dependence on external sources for small and micro businesses is further strengthened.In addition,from the view of environmental munificence and the dynamic capability,in more developed areas,the marketization is higher and there is strong sense of competition,many government encouraging policies and high degree of environmental munificence.Businesses are also increasingly concerned about the external network embeddedness and improve enterprises competitiveness through knowledge acquisition.Therefore,the environment munificence strengthens the relationship between network embeddedness and inter-organizational learning,network embeddedness and dynamic capability.This study has made some innovations in the following areas and made a theoretical contribution.(1)Combine with organizational learning perspective and network perspective,take small micro businesses as the research object,and promote the study of preciseness,systematicness and the quantitative research and development for dynamic ability.(2)Analyze the mechanism of dynamic ability 'building in the background of network embeddness,introduce the inter-organizational learning theory,and form-the path of "network embeddness-dynamic capability" and "network embeddness-inter-organizational learning-dynamic capability".(3)Find the environmental inclusion in the relationship between"network embeddness-interorganizational learning" and "network embeddness-dynamic ability" and enrich the understanding of the influence of environmental inclusion on organizational behavior.Based on the above conclusions,this study also gives the research enlightenment and suggestions from the aspects of enterprise practice and government policies.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and micro business, network embeddedness, inter-organizational learning, dynamic capability, Environmental Munificence
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