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Research On The Impact Of Network Embeddedness On The Growth Of Small And Medium-Sized Sci-Tech Enterprises

Posted on:2017-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R QiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330596957309Subject:Applied Economics
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Technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises plays an important role in promoting China's science and technology innovation ability,supporting sustainable economic growth,expanding employment.At present,Fast update of product technology led to the living environment is complicated and is easy for Technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to fall into the "death valley" for encountering such problems as insufficient capacity,aggravating resource constraints.It is more urgent for small and mid-sized enterprise that how to adapt to the complex and uncertain market environment,obtain and maintain competitive advantage in order to achieve a good state of development.Network embeddedness conducive to the integration of enterprise core resources,ynamic capability as a change in business survival skills and operational ability of high-level skills,will inevitably help the enterprise development.Accordingly,the paper first analyzes the relationship between network embeddedness and the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.The network embeddedness provides enterprises with complementary resources,hrough the sharing of information between organizations to create business opportunities and achieve win-win business.But the network embeddedness is only the survival and development of the most basic "conditions",can not become a powerful force for sustainable business competition.On this basis,we analyze the dynamic capability of the intermediary,trying to open up a network embedded in the role of growth in the middle of the path.Dynamic capabilities translate the acquired resource information into innovative products,technologies,services and management that enable the growth of the business.Finally,this paper analyzes the theoretical relationship and mechanism between network embedding,dynamic capability and enterprise growth,constructs structural model and relational path,and puts forward corresponding hypothesis.The paper investigates the status quo of 362 small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin,The reliability and validity,correlation,linear regression,Regression Regression of the datawere verified,In the end,the paper draws a conclusion that network embedding can promote the growth of enterprises by acting on dynamic capability more effectively.This conclusion not only enriches the relevant theories about the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology,but also provides a reference for enterprises in the actual operation and management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network embedding, Dynamic capability, Science and technology small and medium enterprises, Environmental dynamics, Business growth
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