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Seismic Inversion In Reservoir Prediction Research And Application

Posted on:2010-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360278955228Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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Seismic inversion technology is the rise of the 20th century, the 80's a new subject, and it is accompanied by seismic technology in oil field exploration and development in the deepening and development of applications.The paper introduces the phylogeny of seismic inversion technology, and then divided the post-stack seismic inversion into three types (Direct inversion, base on model-based inversion, based on the properties of inversion) form the implement method. Points, trace inversion,recursive inversion, Sparse constraint inversion pulse,Inversion of stochastic simulation,Inversion of multi-attribute analysis of a detailed analysis, respectively construe their Advantages and disadvantages as well as the applicability of each inversion method, Finally, in response to Impedance Inversion, seismic inversion attributes of two types of inversion of the key technologies needed to carry out a detailed study, summed up a relative effective method with the Impedance Inversion and attribute inversion.As QZY areas in western Qaidam Basin, according to the applicability of the various inversion methods, combined with the actual seismic, logging and geological data, made the practical application of research in the three inversion methods about Sparse constraint inversion pulse,Inversion of stochastic simulation,Inversion of multi-attribute analysis:1. According the result of Seismic inversion and log analysis: seismic impedance, reflect the high or low formation of a group of sand and mud interbeddedcomprehensive. In this region, Seismic inversion can clearly respond to the results of the inversion of reservoir distribution.2. QZY area in Qaidam Basin, we did stochastic simulation inversion,Parameters of statistical variables,Variogram analysis at last made stochastic simulation analysis. Judging from the lithologic profiles, reservoir parameters of QZY area was sameness as the actual geological data at well side and Cross hole. Sand thickness and porosity can be confirmed according on Sand thickness map and Porosity plan of A region.3. In the QZY area of Qaidam Basin Analysis of multi-attribute seismic inversion: Burg spectrum Absorption frequency was much More sensitivet than Reservoir with fluid or Lithofacies change; seismic phase analysis Can identify relative changes in lithofacies; Absorption of seismic attributes were high-value. alarge number of attributes provided K11-K12' is Good reservoir.
Keywords/Search Tags:Impedance Inversion, model Inversion, attribute Inversion, Qaidam Basin
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