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Investigation On The Controlling Factors Of Natural Gas Accumulation In The Hexiwu Play Of The Langgu Depression

Posted on:2011-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L CengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360308490537Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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The Hexiwu Play is one of the gas accumulation regions. There are many genetic types of natural gas and some problems in controlling factors and features in natural gas accumulation. Therefore, it is important to carry out the role of gas accumulation and controlling factors in identifying gas accumulation and further exploration.Based on the results of previous studies fully digested, the author analyses the genetic types and source of natural gas through the geological, seismic and well logging data, focused on the role of source rocks, faults, reservoir and storage conditions in oil and gas accumulation, establishes the mode of gas accumulation and specified in a basin.Through geochemical characteristics of natural gas, associated oil and oil source correlation, the genetic types of natural gas are divided into biogas, low-mature gas, mature gas and mixed gas 4 class. The effective centers of hydrocarbon source rocks in Es3x, Es4s and C-P interval control the distribution of different genetic types of the natural gas in Hexiwu, Bieguzhuang, Yongqing Oil Field. Hexiwu and Yangshuiwu fault which have a long activity time and link up both sides of source rock, but less oil and gas accumulation. Most part of oil and gas are concentrated in the vicinity of the secondary faults with weak activity like Liuqiying, Banjiehe and An36 faults and so on. If the shale gouge ratio is greater than 0.6, the fault sealing is well. If the displacement pressure difference is greater than 0.35MPa, the reservoir-cap combination is effective.By the analysis of oil and gas accumulation background and distribution, The reservoir forming model of bottom source rock and upper accumulation in Langdong structure, the model of two-way duplex for hydrocarbon accumulation in the central fault horst belt, the model of reverse fault block hydrocarbon in Bieguzhuang fault horst belt, the model of mixed hydrocarbon accumulation in Ordovician buried hill. Finally in the deep south, hexiwu fault downthrown and Ordovician buried hill, pointing out that in Beijing 40, Service 56 North, Xiaohan hill forming conditions such as a better target. Key word: natural gas,accumulation action,control factors,Hexiwu play,Langgu depression...
Keywords/Search Tags:natural gas, accumulation action, control factors, Hexiwu play, Langgu depression
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