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Study On Genesis Of Natural Gas And Its Enrichment Regularity In Langgu Depression

Posted on:2014-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2250330401480627Subject:Geological Engineering
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With the rapid development of the economy, the growing demand for energy efficient clean gas. The Huabei Oilfield natural gas market demand is greater than supply, especially the "Eleventh Five-Year" two years ago, the cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Langfang environmental governance efforts to increase sales of natural gas in short supply, and with the building of the North China gas storage group Huabei Oilfield and gas capacity to build more and more nervous this reason it is necessary to increase the study of the causes and accumulation of natural gas reservoirs, thereby increasing the gas early evaluation and capacity-building efforts to ensure the smooth completion of the construction of natural gas production capacity.Tension for of Huabei Oilfield gas reserves and production, the search for new reserves blocks, tapping the potential of the work carried out for the old gas fields surrounding Extensions, to adjust build capacity in the old internal gas on natural gas and causes the accumulation and accumulation in the study, looking The new natural gas reserves, the addition of new resources available, the key is completed gas evaluation and capacity building task.Langgu northern Jizhong Depression a late strong uplift and erosion of Cenozoic sedimentary basins, the Huabei Oilfield main gas production Depression one. Depression-rich natural gas resources, depression total gas resources1046.35×108m3; proven natural gas reserves of119.42×108m3; natural gas proven rate of11.4%, the remaining rich in resources. Due complicated geological conditions Langgu, constructed experience, multi-phase development, the extent of the thermal evolution of the same, these characteristics caused Langgu the diversified natural gas genetic types, are looking for a uniform standard to identify different types of natural gas difficult. Genetic types of natural gas division, there is no unified standard. Home and abroad over the principles of classification based on combined Langgu actual gas formation, according to the gas source rocks, and geochemical characteristics of natural gas, the parent material maturity and other factors Langgu natural gases into bio-gas and oil-type gas and coal gas into three types, which biogas is divided into the native biogas, the metazoan gas and crude oil degradation biogas; oil-gas and divided into low-mature gases and high maturity gases. Coal-derived gas is further divided for the the mature coal into gas and high-cooked coal into gas. After Langgu raw biogas, low maturity gases, high maturity gases and coal forming mainly.Primarily from the Gallery depression regional tectonic setting, structural features, stratigraphic features, natural gas reservoir characteristics, storage conditions, the genetic type of natural gas, the gas accumulation mode shape expounded natural gas reservoirs Langgu control factors and accumulation. Identification and implementation of favorable natural gas target at the same time the application of fine3D structural interpretation technology, natural gas reservoirs recognition technology, and achieved certain results, understanding and results achieved to build capacity for future natural gas exploration and evaluation Langgu certainguiding significance.The results show that there are four kinds of accumulation mode Langgu: shallow epigenetic BIOGASES the accumulation model. Lower Tertiary low mature shallow gas accumulation model; in deep nearshore subaqueous fan conglomerate body accumulation mode; inside the buried hills accumulation model. While the gas distribution Langgu, plane main bullied source rocks control, vertical control on the main bullied source fault, all gas enriched in the two tectonic belt.Based on the resulting understanding the deployment Xing9-20wells, springs81draws and one well made good drilling results, further understanding of the resulting validation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Langgu depression, genetic types of natural gas, enrichmentpatterns, late biological gas, low maturity gases
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