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The Application Of Electromagnetic Induction In Injection Molding

Posted on:2011-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121330332958228Subject:Materials Processing Engineering
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Melt filling, as a key stage in injection molding, is affected by mold temperature and will have dramatic influence in product quality, and fabrication efficiency. Therefore, it is of an importance and actual value to understand the mold temperature effects, especially to the micro injection, so as to optimizing mold designing, processing parameters, and product quality.Assisted with software of CAE, an independent electromagnetic mold heating device is introduced, based on viscosity hydrodynamics and polymer rheology. Such rapid mold surface heating device is verified through experiments to be reliable for realizing variotherm mold technology. In this way, the main work done in this study is around the flowing aspects:1. Comparing to various heating methods, electromagnetic molding heating method is prevailing in feasibility and efficiency, analyzed with electromagnetic field theory and heat transferring mechanics.2. Based on electromagnetic mold heating pattern, topology traits in electric circuit and electronics knowledge, the electromagnetic mold heating device is developed, with its practical manufacturing procedure proposed.3. The melt filling procedure of an actual product (13.6mm×3mm×0.3mm) is simulated by Moldflow, in short shot condition. Effects of various mold temperature on melt front, clamping force, welding line have been discussed.4. The corresponding experiment is carried out to verify the capacity of variotherm mold heating technology.5. Using electromagnetic induction heating equipment heating the mold surface, for forming mold temperature on the products in rats to observe the flow characteristics of the products'flow front and welding domain. According to the experimental results, the numerical simulation results and experimental results were compared to verify the validity of the numerical simulation method and mold temperature method.
Keywords/Search Tags:injection molding, micro injection molding, electromagnetic heating, variotherm mold technology, melt filling
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