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Synthesis,Characterization And Its Application Of The Reaction-Controlled Phase Transfer Catalyst

Posted on:2006-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360155952329Subject:Organic Chemistry
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Styrene oxide is an important intermediate for making medicine and perfume.Styrene oxide is produced with bromohydrin method which gives rise to seriousenvironmental pollution. With a cheaper[C16H33(H3)3(70%)+ C18H37(CH3)3]N+Cl-as the phase transfer agent instead of [C5H5NC16H33]+Cl-, a new sortof reaction-controlled phase transfer catalyst was synthesized under the improvedconditions. The effects of some factors in synthesis were investigated and theoptimized conditions were determined and the (31)P NMR was assigned. The innermechanism on the change of components of catalyst with the change of synthesisconditions was studied through the 31P NMR characterization combined theactivity of the catalyst prepared under different conditions.The stability of the catalyst was studied in the 1-octene epoxidation usinghydrogen peroxide as the oxygen source. The change of the catalyst structure withthe recycle was investigated by the (31)P NMR and ICP-AES.It was showed that thespecies with less W/P ratio in the recovered catalyst became dominant. Thecatalytic system was used for epoxidation of styrene. The effects of reactionconditions on the styrene epoxidation were investigated. Under the optimizedconditions, conversion 85.1% and the selectivity for styrene oxide 96.9% wereobtained in 50min at 85℃with the catalyst recovery 94.1%. The catalytic activityremained stable after the two recycles. When the concentrate of the styrene wasraised, the product became complex. By adding a little the additive and inhibitorto the reactionsystem, the concentrate of styrene was raised to some degree.
Keywords/Search Tags:reaction-controlled phase transfer catalysis, styrene, styrene oxide, epoxidation, (31)~P NMR, hydrogen peroxide
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