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Trimethoxysilane Terminated Reaction Of Aliphatic Polyester(Amide) And The Preparation Of The Polyester(Amide)/SiO2 Hybrid Film

Posted on:2007-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360185462732Subject:Materials science
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Comparing to organic materials and inorganic materials, organic-inorganic hybrid materials have some special performances in terms of mechanism, thermodynamics, biology, magnetism, optics and photoelectricity. Therefore organic-inorganic hybrid materials became a new highlight in materials science domain in recent years.Carboxyl terminated poly(diethylene glycol adipate)(PDA) and diethylene glycol-adipic acid-ethanolamine copolymer(PDAA) were prepared. Trimethoxysilane terminated polymer was synthesized through the reaction of carboxyl terminated PDA and with γ-glycidoxy-propyltrimethoxysilane(KH560). And hybrid films was prepared by moisture curing process and sol-gel process. Acid value, hydroxyl value and epoxide value were detected in the whole process and the products were also characterized by FTIR spectrum, TEM.At first, carboxyl terminated polymers with designed molecular weight were synthesized by adjusting monomers ratios of diethylene glycol, adipic acid as well as ethanolamine.And then, the trimethoxysilane terminated reaction was characterized by the change of acid value, epoxide value and the FTIR spectrum. Those Trimethoxysilane terminated polymer could be stabilize over three months in storage, but could be cured in two days with catalyst present.At last, polymer/SiO2 hybrid films were prepared with the trimethoxysilane terminated polymers by moisture curing process and sol-gel process. FTIR spectrum shows the reaction of hydrolysis and condensation of the trimethoxysilane group induce the cross-linking of the system. According to TEM photogragh, we conclude that polymer/SiO2 hybrid at molecular or nano-scale was obtained. The curing reaction speed is affected by temperature, the degree of trimethoxysilane terminated reaction, catalysts and its contents. The structure and physical properties of the polymer influence the strength of the films.In conclusion, sol-gel process is efficient to prepare polymer/SiO2 hybrid film. Moisture curing process is a novel process for preparation of the polymer/SiO2 hybrids. The moisture curing process is a room temperature process with no solvent. And the precursors can be conserved several months.
Keywords/Search Tags:Poly(diethylene glycol adipate), Diethylene glycol-adipic acid-ethanolamine copolymer, Trimethoxysilane terminated polymer, Polymer/SiO2 hybrid
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