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Visualization Research On Injection Molding Process And Analysis Of Injection Molding Defects

Posted on:2009-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360245474815Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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"Study on injection molding defects and their generation mechanism based on visualization technique in injection molding process" is a crucial and challenging task in research of precision injection molding technology. Many experts and scholars all over the world have applied visualization equipment of injection molding, based on visualization mechanism, for testing some known phenomena and conducting experimental research on some unknown phenomena. The application of dynamic visualization technique in injection molding process is introduced in the study. Employing visualization experimental apparatus and visualization mold, the forming processes of six injection molding defects such as short shot, sink mark, jetting, silver mark, weld line and shear heating were constructed and recorded. Through analyzing forming processes and mechanism of these above-mentioned defects, method of varying technical conditions was adopted to improve injection molding defects, providing theoretical reference for studying and avoiding products' defects. Importance of visualization experimental research was demonstrated. Especially through shape design of cavities, visualization study on the forming processes of weld line(including cold weld line and hot weld line) was conducted, revealing forming mechanism of hot weld line by setting insert in different positions in cavity and cold weld line formed in ring circle and H shape cavities. Besides, shear heating phenomena's effect on injection molding process was discussed. The experimental results showed that visualization method plays a critical role in studying forming process and mechanism of injection molding defects. Moreover, CAE technology and visualization experiment were combined in order that the latter would verify the simulation results and a comparison between the two in injection molding process were given. Undoubtedly, visualization technique can be a brand new approach to promote the CAE technology on injection molding.
Keywords/Search Tags:injection molding, visualization, defects, CAE
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