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Studies On Preparation Process And Performance Optimization Of Special Flux-Cored Wire With Wear Resistance

Posted on:2010-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360302459375Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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Recently, the wear-resistant flux-cored wire has been applied more widely in the surfacing field. The quality and wear resistance of the flux-cored wire affect the layer repair results. Therefore, the research and development of the production process and evaluation of the wear resistance of flux-cored wire are of great practical significance.By the orthogonal test design,the formula of flux-cored wire was adjusted. It made the wear resistant of flux-cored wire reach the high level. Meanwhile, the welding process was simplified. The welding quality of flux-cored wire without the gas protection also met the requirement. The production process that used in this work was the rolling and drawing method for the seam-flux-cored wire. On the basis of the forming process of, many pass design methods were integrated including strip edge bending method and circumference combination bending method, a sets of rolls that can made the fracture cross-section of flux-cored wire with a lap-O-Roll were designed. The situation that powder out of flux-cored wire in production with the lap seam-flux-cored was better than with docking O-type one.At present, wear experiment that simulated the real situation was not enough. According to this situation, two-level wear resistance test method was proposed, two welding samples were used in this work, one was flat-panel sample and another was rotary sample. A welding platform was designed to meet the requirements of the welding samples. After several welding tests, the best welding parameters were debugged. The experimental platform that tests the wear resistance of the flux-cored wire welding was established. Steel Q235 and two types of flux-cored wire made by ourselves were used for comparison test. Samples in the wear resistance test platform for wear resistance experiments were prepared. By measuring each sample's weight loss, the pictures of the SEM and microstructure were analyzed, and the wear resistance of samples was compared, in which the optimum sample was select. Meanwhile, the establishment of the wear resistance experimental platform in this work can quickly and reasonably evaluate the wear resistance properties of the flux-cored wire.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flux-cored wire, Surfacing welding, Pass design, Wear resistance
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