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Effect Of Titanium And Vanadium On Wear Resistance Of 2Cr13 Flux - Cored Wire

Posted on:2016-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Q YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330470464116Subject:Materials Processing Engineering
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Desposited metal will have high hardness and high wear resistance after use of flux cored wire welding.The parts service life could be significantly improved by surfacing rebuilding technology,thus the production cost could also be saved.But the hardness and wear resistance with flux cored wire were too low.This is far less than industry needs.For the reason that,study of one kind of flux cored wire for hardfacing have a great effect on the production.The subject is foundation on 2Cr13 martensite stainless steel flux-core wire,developing a new hard-facing flux-cored wire contained Ti and V.Research the effect of titanium and vanadium on hardness and wear resistance of hardfacing alloys with metal cored wire of stainless steed.In this paper,according to the requirement of hardness and wear resistance of deposited metal,then the transition coefficient of alloying elements are determined.And the flux cored wire is prepared.The microstructure and composition of surfacing layer were analyzed by optical microscope,XRD and EDS respectively.And the effect of titanium and vanadium for the comprehensive mechanical properties of surfacing layer were investigated through the abrasive wear test and hardness test.Using JMatPro software simulation phase transition and hardness for surfacing metals with different content of titanium and vanadium.After the study,the result is that the microstructure are martensite and austenite.The conclusion is consistent with the simulation.Adding the content of titanium in flux cored wire,the hardness of the deposited metal has increased.The content of titanium from 0% to 10%,the hardness of deposited metal showing the trend that first increased and then decreased.Abrasive wear has the same trends.The content of vanadium from 0% to 3%,the hardness of deposited metal increased by 14%.But the abrasive wear has the trend that first increased and then decreased. After comprehensive analysis, when Ti content of 5%,V content of 1.5%,the overall performance of surfacing layer is best. The rockwell hardness is 48.2 HRC. Compared with the hardness of titanium and vanadium-free element, it increased by 12%.The relative wear resistance increased by 62%.The result of simulation is consistent with experimental. This paper developed the flux-cored wire can be used to repair easy wear surface of workpiece. In the surface layer surfacing.The flux-cored wire that can be used to repair easy wear surface of workpiece was developed in this paper. A layer of wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant stainless steel is suifaced in the surface, in order to increase the wear resistance and prolong the service life of workpiece, eventually the cost of replacement of artifacts can be reduced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flux-cored wire, Submerged arc build-up welding, Wear resistant
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