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Research On The Numerical Simulation And Processing Experiences Of Micro Product Based On Micro Injection Molding

Posted on:2011-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360305485081Subject:Chemical Process Equipment
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With development of the MEMS,requiring for more and more micro-products,micro-injection molding as a new method of molding micro-product is coming. This paper is about the research of the micro-pump and micro-connector. Drawing software and finite element analysis software were utilized to design and simulate the micro-pump and micro-connector. The micro-injection molding experiment is done for micro-connector by micro-injection molding machine.Optimized process parameters were got by the orthogonal experiment method. It is provided a more practical approach for manufacture.The work principle was researched in this paper. Modal analysis and static analysis were simulated.28 models of diffuser/nozzle were created to simulate flowing of the fluid characteristics.From the results of the simulation,obtain the key size of the diffuser/nozzle.These datas provide theoretical basis for designing micro-pump.According to the key sizes of the micro-pump,creating the 2D and 3D of the micro-pump. With the orthogonal experiment method, numerical simulation was carried on for micro injection molding process of micro-pump by MOLDFLOW software. Optimized process parameters of micro-pump were gotten. These process parameters can be usded for basis of the actual production.Micro injection molding process of micro-connector is analyzed under various processing parameters conditions by using the orthogonal experimental method. Optimized process parameters of micro-pump were gotten by the orthogonal experiment method..On basic of drawing the change trends of the factors and levels, the optimized process parameters of micro-connector was gotten.These process parameters can be usded for basis of the actual production.The innovation and breakthrough of this paper had two points:(1) Proposing micro-injection molding as the method of molding the micro-pump is the innovation and breakthrough in the study. Compared with the MEMS Process Technology,mciro-injection molding had the advantages of low cost, Reproducible, mass production.(2) Using the orthogonal experiment method to deal with the datas of micro-pump's simulation and micro-connector's experiment.This method need fewer experiments,get better experiment's results.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-injection molding, orthogonal experiment, micro-pump, micro-connector, molding process, optimum process parameters
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