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Preformance Analysis And Simulation Of Energy Storage System Of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2004-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360092997815Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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My work is focused on HEV battery model and simulation. In this thesis, I described my first attempt to model our NiMH and Li 8Ah batteries of EQ7200 with RINT model of ADVISOR, but because open-circruit-voltages of charge and discharge do not agree, no reasonable results were got. So I modified the former RINT model to contain two open-circuit-voltages to distinguish charge and discharge. When I used this model to simulate our two batteries, negative resistances were found in NiMH battery and reasonable but not so sound results were got in Li battery. So, I introduced a new battery model named mesh model with more generality, and implemented it in ADVISOR and integrated with other components and control strategies to perform simulation. I also implemented it in PSAT and our Hardware-In-The-Loop Controller Test System. Mesh model worked well under the three simulation platforms.To evaluate degree of how batteries suffer from the irregular charge and discharge patterns in hybrid vehicles, I introduced a battery lifetime model based on NREL's battery lifetime model for wind power system. This model uses depth and rate of discharge and to estimate battery lifetime. I also performed two calculations of lifetime of our NiMH battery on two different cars. The life consuming rate elicited from this model will act as a new optimal goal for control strategies.In practice, the SOC of batteries can not be directly measured accurately, and to solve this problem, I proposed an accurate SOC observer based on the state observer design method of control theory and mesh battery model. I also verified this method by simulating the battery discharging at invariable power and variable power.Based on the work on the three aspects referred above, an integrated theory system was established for battery simulation of HEV applications. These theories can serve as a reliable basis for HEV control strategies' simulation and implementation.
Keywords/Search Tags:HEV, Battery, Model, SOC, Simulation, Observer
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