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Research Of Hybrid Supercapacitor In Organic Electrolyte

Posted on:2007-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360185966583Subject:Applied Chemistry
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Electr ochemical supercapacitor which has higher energy density than that of electrostatic capacitor and higher power density than that of batteries is a new energy storage eqiupment and component between electrostatic capacitors and batteries. When working with batteries, they can meet the high power out-put need of electric vehicles when starting-up or accelerating. They can also be used in many fields such as hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell and microcomputer etc. .According to the principle of energy-storage there are three types of capacitors: electric double-layer capacitor, faradaic pseudocapacitor and hybrid capacitor. Electrode materials include carbon material, metal oxide and conducting polymer.In this desseration, We conducted a series of experiments to research on electrode materials, electrolyte, preparation and assemble techniques with the aids of the measure methods such as cyclic voltammetric measurements(CV), constant charge/discharge measurements, impedance spectrum, X-rays diffraction(XRD), transmission electronic microscope measurements(TEM), and so on. Firstly, we studied the electrochemical performance of activated carbon(AC) capacitor in organic electrolyte, the results showed the specific capacitance of activated carbon capacitors with 1.0mol/L LiPF6/EC+DMC reached 27.8F/g when AC: acetylene black:LA132 =90:5:5, and the weight of anode materials was twice as that of cathode. We also found that the capacitance of the positive electrode was much smaller than that of negative one, therefore, it urged us to develop new positive materials to make up hybrid capacitor.We prepared nano-manganese oxide(MnO2) by low heating solid-phase synthesis. From the CV EIS measurement. It was found that MnO2 eletrode revealed the double-layer capacitance and faradic capacitance in organic electrolyte. MnO2 eletrode which had a good performance in 1.0mol/L LiClO4/AN and could work in the potential range of 0.1-1.1V(vs.Ag)could...
Keywords/Search Tags:hybrid capacitors, activated carbon, nano-manganese oxide, organic electrolyte, composite electrode
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