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Research On The Theory And Application Of The Distributed Network Computing Platform Based On P2P

Posted on:2008-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360215473703Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Nowadays many calculation task problems are resolved by computers, each execution of a special calculation task problem is run on a single computer and if the results are not desired, maybe the design parameters will be given again, so the design efficient is not usually high.This thesis combines the P2P technology and the distributed network computation technology, builds a distributed network computation platform based on P2P. The platform can make a higher efficient by distributing calculation tasks to P2P network.This thesis sums up distributed network computation systems based on P2P and sets forth P2P principle and the principle of the distributed network computation platform based on P2P. The archtechture, detail designs and implementations of distributed network computation platform based on P2P are given, finally, an application example is given to check the verification.The Thesis resolves how to create the P2P network and how to make, distribute and sum up distributed computing task and in the thesis, the danamic P2P network technology and the danamic computing library technology are the special points.This thesis makes a research on P2P theory and distributed network computation. Based on the research, a distributed network computation platform based on P2P is designed.This thesis is divided into 5 parts. The backgrade and the contonts of the thesis are given in part one; the information of the distributed network computation platform based on P2P is given in part two; the design and the implementation of the platform are given in part three and part four; and the conclusion of the thesis is given in part five.From the application perspective, several or dozens of computers in college laboratory can be connected to the Internet to finish some special distributed computing task. It only need these computers and the software supporting of the distributed network computation platform based on P2P, but not need any extra hardware investment, additionally, it will not affect these computers' routine work. For the bigger distributed computing task, the P2P network can be expanded to the whole Internet to complete the task. This kind of achievement will certainly enhance the developing efficiency, enormously change the present general scientific research and the enterprise tradition computation pattern, obviously its latent economy and the social efficiency are enormous.The research of this thesis both bases on our country present situation and will focus to the future tendency, the concurrently usability and fore sightedness. Organically and the mechanical engineering domain application will be unified the network technology, and this might provide new valuable principle, tools and methods for the engineering science.
Keywords/Search Tags:P2P, Distributed network computing, Platform
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