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Study On Soft-Switching Resonance Converters

Posted on:2008-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360215473745Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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As the foundation of saving energy, material, automatization, intelligentizing and mechanotronics, power electronics technology is developing towards high frequency, big capacity and better performance. However, problems come up such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and harmonious wave, and so on. The Soft-switching technology provides a way to resolve the series of problems. By declining the voltage of the swiching tube to zero before turning it on, or the current to zero before turning it off with assistant resonant circuits, so lowering the power waste of the tube and minishing the voice pollution and the EMI. The soft switching resonant technology has arrived a quick development since it appears and has formed many topology circuits. Quasi-resonant DC link (QRDCL) inverter and soft-switching three phases PWM inverter is two typical classes of soft-switching quasi-resonant circuit.The paper analyses the operation principles of the quasi-resonant DC link inverter, represents the quasi-resonant cell 's work under different resonant characters and current of the load, the influence to resonant characters and strangulation waste by the change of the circuit characters, and has the simulation; at last, based on the merits of the resonant DC link inverters, designs a resonant welding inverter, which can highten the frequence of the switcher and reduce the loss of the power, and builds it's model, analyses it's characters. It is the idea circuit model of the welding inverters.The paper has a research on the soft-switching operation mechanism of the circuit topology, analyses the soft-switching action pattern of the main circuit about soft-switching three-phase PWM inverter, establishes mathematical model of the inverter soft-switching action process and completes the simulation with computer.On this foundation, analyses the operation of different stage of the zero-circuit quasi-resonant inverter detailly by the means of subsection, and the linear model of them haa been built up. At last, the nonlinear model of the whole system has been built by the means of average. It has been proved feasible by the simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft-switching, Resonance converter, Resonant DC link inverter, Zero-circuit resonant inverter
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