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Effect Of Water Absorbment On Sweet Pepper Photophysiology And Nitrogen Use Effiency

Posted on:2007-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The soil moisture, change of photosynthesis as well as typical fertilizer-nitrogen use effiency in sweet pepper were studied with different types or contents of water absorbent treatments, the best dosage is estimated based on the above research results , the following conclusions are drawed:1. The water absorbent absorbs water gradually and tends to stably, finally achieves in the saturated condition. The moisture content change of these absorbment although have same increase tendency, but its initial absorbing water percentage as well as final absorbing water percentage is different respectly. The absorption percentage of LT- 200 in salty solution nearly the same with in the pure water although not very high, and repetition hygroscopicity character is the best, quite stable.2. It's easy to see from the water release curve that different measurement of water absorbent and original soil trendcy is nearly the same under 0—15 bar pressure, only the moisture content is different.It is helpful to guaranted the water absorbent effect in improving soil water retention property.3. The soil conductivity increase with applying of water absorbent, and it is also increase with the content of polymer used. In this study, the LinGuo have the biggest influence of water conductivity, or it reflects its ability to the ion adsorptive capacity as well as to the nutrient holding ability.4. There are some changes among different procedures with water absorbent in pr, tr, ci, cond and WUE. They all have certion rise besides ci, and the trends of different procedures in different stages is not same.5. Employed with different water absorbent can not change the sweet peppers chlorophyll fluorescence of the daily variation tendency, but only the slightly change in value. The root vigious of LT-100 of 0.5‰ far higher than others, the result also waits for further confirm and analysis.6. There are remarkably increase of N content among organs of different procedures, but the change tendency with polymer quantity of N in pepper organs is not very consistent. The quantity of polymer and the fertilizer-nitrogen absorption is not connected completely, with the increase of polymer content, the nitrogen absorption of sweet pepper increasing softly or reduce. Therefore, it is extremely essential to consider the correlate factor when determine the best amount during use.
Keywords/Search Tags:water absorbent, water use effiency, chlorophyll fluorescence, photophysiology, nitrogen absorption, nitrogen use effiency
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