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The Experimental Research On Furrow Interference Infiltration Characteristic And Numerical Simulation

Posted on:2009-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2143360245451366Subject:Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
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Surface irrigation is a traditional irrigation methods, was most widely used. At present, more than 95 percent of the world's total irrigated area , and 98 percent of China's total irrigated area use the surface irrigation. Therefore, improving surface irrigation has very important meaning. Furrow Irrigation is a common method ,and different from border irrigation, Furrow infiltration is Two-dimensional infiltration, and the complex influence factors.This paper is based on analysis and summarizing the domestic and international Surface irrigation theory and technology, Methods laboratory test and the combined methods numerical simulation were carried out for the research, mainly studies furrow interference infiltration, influencing factors and infiltration model, The principal results are as follows:1) Using high-speed centrifuge to measure soil water retention curves for medium loam and sandy soil in different bulk density, the horizontal column infiltration method was used to measure the soil water diffusivity. Using RETC software to derive soil hydrodynamic parameters, obtain the parameters for van Genuchten model. This shows that VG model can greatly express experiment soil water retention curves.2. To eliminating the adverse effect of the artificial and equipment factors, Based on soil water dynamics,give suitable Boundary Condition and initial condition, a furrow interference infiltration Soil Water Movement Model has been established, and simulated furrow interference infiltration. The simulation agrees with the experiment results such as cumulative infiltration and wetting front,and abroad that the established model to be resonable.3. Through analysis the simulation data,a Two-Stage infiltration Model based on Kostiakov Infiltration Model has been established. It is found by analysis, furrow interference infiltration agree with both Kostiakov Model and Two-Stage infiltration Model. The furrow interference infiltration reduction infiltration capacity and reduction rate Calculation Model has been established. If the irrigation quota identical,with the water depth increased beneficial to horizontal infiltration; with the antecedent soil moisture content and soil density increased, the same water content curve area increased.4. Through analyzing Influence of the water depth, antecedent soil moisture content and soil density on cumulative infiltration, a Simple model of furrow interference infiltration cumulative infiltration has been established. Through analyzing, the model is dependable.
Keywords/Search Tags:surface irrigation, Furrow Irrigation, intersection, two-dimensional infiltration, simulation
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