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Experimental Study And Numerical Simulation On Ridge Culture Furrow Irrigation In Filtration In Arid Area

Posted on:2015-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2283330452460796Subject:Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
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This research in master large both at home and abroad research based Shang, through theory analysis, and field test and model numerical simulation phase combines of method, research has different irrigation parameter and ditch parameter orthogonal combination Xia flow advance and faded law and different irrigation Groove Groove end of width and different Groove in the depth on into seepage of effects, and through WinSRFR model optimization algorithm on irrigation parameter WADA surface slope parameter for combination, get of main conclusions has following several points:1. Using Guelph into permeability instrument to different ditch end of width and different ditch in the depth orthogonal combination Xia, simulation irrigation ditch in the water into permeability law, and using Origin8.0software to Trojan into permeability volume and into permeability time of related relationship, found its better to meet with steady permeability items of Kostiakov into permeability model, and to into permeability index, and into permeability coefficient and stable into permeability rate for intends to collection, get has different ditch within depth and ditch end of wide conditions Xia of into permeability model, And the cumulative infiltration and seepage simulation to study the slope of the curve, then the rate of infiltration curves over time, and curve fitting Horton model and found Horton model can be used to express the relation between permeability and infiltration, and has a higher correlation coefficients.2. Through Daejeon flow advance test, research has different Groove end of width and different into Groove flow on Groove irrigation stream advance and faded of effects, through intends collection found different irrigation parameter and ditch parameter combination Xia, different irrigation Groove flow advance are meet power function law, Groove end of width and into Groove flow of effects eventually reflect in index and coefficient Shang, to scene test for pursuant to, to non-saturated soil moisture movement principle for based, Established under different conditions of flow and different Groove into the ditch bottom width of water propulsion and under different conditions of Groove width and height at the end of the trench at a depth of infiltration model to improve elements of furrow irrigation in arid areas-irrigation technique in study on the optimization and theory provides a theoretical basis.3. Through get of soil into seepage parameter and furrow irrigation geometry size parameter, uses WinSRFR model on different ditch parameter and irrigation parameter conditions Xia of Groove irrigation stream advance and faded for simulation, and on simulation get of flow advance process and measured of flow advance process for comparison, through simulation and measured of match on furrow irrigation process in the of into seepage parameter for checking and amendment, makes get of furrow irrigation soil into seepage parameter more meet in moving head effects Xia of reality. Mizoguchi last ditch irrigation flows subside, distance of water depth, flow is simulated at different distances, making it difficult for field determination of parameters to obtain more accurate data, laying the foundations for further research for future ditch irrigation flow.4. With irrigation efficiency and irrigation uniform degrees as irrigation quality of evaluation indicators, to into Groove flow, and Tin surface slope and Groove end of wide for decision-making variable, established nonlinear more target function, with WinSRFR model of optimization algorithm on different decision-making variable conditions Xia of furrow irrigation irrigation parameter, and ditch parameter WADA surface parameter for combination, get has different target Xia decision-making variable of optimization, for drought area furrow irrigation ditch parameter, and irrigation parameter WADA surface micro-terrain conditions Xia of various irrigation management parameter of reasonable developed provides pursuant to, Solve the furrow irrigation water resources wasted in the process, various parameters of irrigation and plant parameters set unreasonable phenomena such as, improve irrigation uniformity and efficiency of irrigation in arid areas, achieve the purpose of furrow irrigation water-saving irrigation, Simulation results show that the irrigation ditch15cm wide ditch, field surface slope control at1/1000or less, more than1.01/s has a better uniformity of irrigation and irrigation efficiency when the flow into the ditch.Furrow irrigation because its flow movement Shi typical of Ⅱ dimension into seepage, plus field soil parameter, and Tin surface micro-terrain, and different area hydrological conditions, of differences, its flow movement model of research effects factors numerous, this papers while on Northwest drought area different irrigation parameter and ditch parameter conditions Xia of Groove irrigation stream movement and into seepage law for has research, but how will this a conclusions application, also needs do further of research.
Keywords/Search Tags:drought areas, furrow irrigation, water propulsion, infiltration model ofnumerical simulation optimization of irrigation technique elements
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