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Realistic Factors In Chinese Contemporary Paintings In The Creation Of Young

Posted on:2012-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Social being determines ideology and the ideological reflection of social reality ; a given period ideological decided to specific social and aesthetic characteristics of life. art, any form of art, which works with the realities of life are closely linked, should have done with realism. In this article, i can make the work of the essence of reality of "realism" referred to elements from the artistic works can find relevant information with reality. this realistic factors are significant, in the narrow sense of realism painting are easy to see; and abstract, in a realistic painting is concealed, need to understand the background, excavation works easily and understanding.This article i of the special division to the general and realism. a realistic in the modern fashion leads the cultural consumption of the social background of all forms of art from different angles is a reflection of social life, or individuals within the contemporary experience of reality, including the personal feelings reflecting the author state, the subconscious mind waiting for an abstract painting, or moral and sexual painting ; also include the western classic realist. A realistic point as well as realist. the special realism refers to a realistic approach art or reflect the realities of society. in the 19th century french champions of realism, the years of the genre: the chinese revolution and realism, and contemporary with xuweixi of a new realism, the realism, etc. however, reality is in narrow sense of realism with realism.This article highlights from the real social background at all times in the analysis of the works by western painting and china painting contrast nicely : in this article i of the 19th century french courbet to wait for realistic painting of classic realist paintings referred to as, explore and study realistic factors in the western painting in the existence of widespread ;Years of the genre subjects and to china for attainting to elaborate on the chinese painting now universally dive with a realistic factors ; especially in chinese contemporary paintings of young people, regardless of how new, common dive with a realistic factors in common. in contrast to come to conclusion in the western or chinese :, all forms of painting. there be a realistic.Whether it is true of the scene, the true events, or personal feelings in an artist of all social reality. in writing, painting, or abstract painting or style of painting is show, in with an artist to the realities of life's true feelings, it is a realistic, therefore, with the realistic factors. And those who have the aesthetic value of language, only truly reflect objective reality, will be able to envisage a realistic factors. and it in its form, a variety of the reality of the changes of the times, the painter's social life of knowledge and understanding, there is a realistic factors. As yiying said : "is an artist in the event of attention to what extent, are much to recognize the community content, and his relations to society is a constant and can always take it as a phenomenon of the product to criticize and analysis. more importantly, how he is the key to this mundane life of the creation of new forms, in other words, he is how to use a modern art language to reflect this life."Then young painters want a few serious problems facing : ( 1 ), theory and practice cannot be combined ( 2 ), the young man in the creation of the blind. it means to create a clear direction. this leads to a large part of the young painters want to be blind to the wind. ( three ), painting language to create uncertainty good this article for the study was limited to a painter, but from a few common an example to explore a realistic factors in common. but i found and met with the deepening, and all the painting was more or less able to dig out a realistic factors. to know the rules to create awareness of social life and express the depth of social life is significant.
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