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A Study On Mission Theory And Mission Methods Of The Early Order Of The Society Of Jesus

Posted on:2006-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The order of the Society of Jesus is an important mission order in Catholic. It engages in spreading Christianity all over the world, especially Asia and Africa. Based on those large amounts of missionary activities it had, a particular theory of mission which is the foundation of its mission methods, has formed. The Society of Jesus has achieved great performance at the third time of Christianity spread in China. The Christianity was accepted by scholar-bureaucrats with the efforts of the Jesuits .This success should contribute to the mission methods of the Society of Jesus. In-depth researches have been made on the forms, contents and effects of mission methods, but absent in its mission theory, which is the key to understand the nature and the origin of mission methods. So this thesis tries to do a thorough study on it, which consists of two chapters.In the first chapter, the forming factors of mission theory, and the characteristics of mission methods have been analyzed. The forming factors include humanism, particular spiritual way and different theology dramas. Firstly as to humanism, it has affected the Society of Jesus in all aspects, without exception of mission theory. Secondly, Spiritual Exercise is the most important spiritual book that leads Jesuits to live a spirit life. It also influences Jesuits' view on the relationship between human and God. Thirdly, as far as theology dramas are concerned, the Society of Jesus insists on their own ideas, such as "Grace and Free will" and "probalilism" are especially advocated. Those theology dramas are of essential relationship with mission theory.The mission methods of the Society of Jesus are affected by its mission theory. It has some certain characteristics. Accommodation policy is adopted because theupper social class are considered as the majority in its missionary activity. The policy shows itself in Equal-minded idea and approval-methods which Jesuits adopt, besides, Jesuits also make use of education to spread Christianity.In the second chapter, the application of the Mission Theory by Jesuits in China is discussed. Firstly, Francis Xavier and Alessandro Valignano who had adopted the mission methods of the Society of Jesus and created new stage for Christianity activity in China, are introduced. Then Matteo Ricci had made full use of the mission theory of the Society of Jesus in China. And consequently the enterprise of Christianity developed smoothly.
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