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The Research On Psychological Methodology From The View Of Philosophy Of Science

Posted on:2007-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360212465757Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Developing history of western psychology is not only the history that psychology schools compete with each other, but also the history that one methodology replaces the others. Among them, Positivism, Historicism theories methodology and Problem-solving Methodology are the core problem of the philosophy of science. Essentially, the above theories stand in the important position, which exert very large influences on the forming and developing of western psychology. However, they also have negative factors. It is not the objective and accurate character of methodology itself but the ability to carry out the scientific study and solve the problem that weighs the advantages and disadvantages of the methodology. Because the methodology itself also has shortcomings in its developing process, it is relative and develops as the time goes by.The essay starts with the history latitude of western psychology development, by which the author explores the meaning of the psychology methodologies and their influences on psychology. Positivism plays the important role in the development of the western psychological methodology, which emphasizes that the knowledge is confined to the observed facts and exerts great impacts on behaviourism, constructivism and cognizism psychology. But it pays much attention to the method itself, while the meanings of probing problems are discounted. Historicism psychology, however, takes the meanings as the core of research, emphasizing the non–cognitive factors'(such as society, history and culture etc.) influences on psychology, sticking to grasping psychological action of human being from the angle of macrocosm and system theory, and thinking highly of the mutual actions between the subject and the object. Problem-solving theories psychology tries to compromise between criterion and description, which regards problem-solving theories ability as the evaluating criterion of rationality."Concert theories"psychology attempts to smash the obturation and parochialism of Laudan problem-solving model. It's feasible for us to establish more opening theoretic evaluating system on the basis of"Concert theories". The rationality of psychology theories, in some degree, can be reflected in the coordination ability, that is to say, the effectiveness solving empirical, notional and background problems. Undoubtedly,"Concert theories"offers a new angle and cut-in point to psychology development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Positivism theories, Historicism theories, Problem-solving theories, Concert theories, Psychology methodology
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